Monday, May 20, 2013

Jia's End of School Awards

We've not even been home 48 hours and we're already out and about. Not ideal... But this is the last week of school for Jia and Jory so there lots of little things going on.
Today was Jia's classrooms awards ceremony. Jemma was not happy about being there. She wouldn't even go in the classroom, so we sat in the hall. After a while sh relaxed and clapped for the kids and by the time Jia got her awards she was smiling and waving at her.... From the hallway.
Jias teacher said the best things Bout her! She got an award for most positive attitude and Mrs. Carlson said she always is smiling and kind. She got a 'Dogtag' award with a dog tag necklace. You can see from the pictures that Jemma seen her showing it to me so she showed me her jade necklace to! So cute!
Loving my girls! Tomorrow is Jory's awards, so we'll see how that goes!

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