Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thank You...

It's a good thing this is Wordless Wednesday, because there are no words....

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Celebrate the Savior! Merry Christmas to you and yours.... From the JCrew
The first time that you opened Your eyes
Did you realize that You would be my Savior?
I celebrate the Day, that You were born to die...
So that I could one day pray for You to save my life.

My camera didn't last long on Christmas morning... but I did get a picture of each of the boys! We had a great lazy day. We just opened our gifts from Santa, then from each other... That night we went to the movies to see the Tale of Despereaux. It really wasn't very good, but it was nice to get out of the house for a while!

Here's Jadeth Christmas morning with his IPod Touch...

Santa brought Jacen and Jory each a RipStik and mom and dad came through with the Nintendo DS's they both wanted! Here's Jacen with his DS...

And Jory with his RipStik....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Centerpiece

I got this idea from the Creative Ideas magazine that Lowes sends out. It's a 4X4 with furniture casters glued on top that hold the votive candles. My husband stained and sealed ours, but you could certainly paint it however you want.
I thought it turned out wonderful. I really enjoyed having it on my table during the holidays. The pine branches and pinecones came from my Mom and Dad's trees.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas at Mom and Dad's

We always get together with just my parents and my brother the weekend before Christmas. Christmas gets so busy and crazy, we just like to get together with just us
and enjoy a relaxing and messy evening!
My brother bought this huge blow up snowman on Ebay. It was too cold and windy to put it outside, so we set it up in the spare bedroom! Jory loved to watch it 'melt'!

I got all sorts of kitchen things I wanted, new casserole dishes (which I love), an electric teapot, a thing to make bloomin' onions and a slicer/grater thing!
Jack can never have too many tools! Unfortunately, Jacen tends to wonder off with them, so each Christmas, he really needs the tools. Yes, we've gotten Jacen his own tools and tool box before, but for some reason - Dad's are better!

This is my Dad... He got a new fishing boat this fall, so he got all sorts of fishing stuff and things to cook fish. He also shoots trap so lots of stuff for that as well.

Here's my mom. I love this picture. This gift is bathtowels! Such excitement! We also got her a swiffer and a digital photo frame, but the bath towels got the biggest grin!

Here's my brother, Rob.
He is still a bachelor and spoils my boys rotten.

Jory being a cool dude with his new skateboard!

He's so excited over his new hooded sweatshirt!
I love this smile!

Uncle Rob got Jacen a unicycle! Jacen is so into skateboarding, he needed a new challenge! I'll let you know when he's taking the unicycle down the 1/2 pipe!
Jacen loved this!

Jacen modeling his new Tony Hawk coat and gloves! Another priceless smile!

Jadeth always wants the new FIFA soccer game!

Uncle Rob got Jadeth a new GPS for his car.
Did I mention how much my brother spoils my kids!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jory's School Program

Tonight Jory had his first school Christmas program! It was really cute and he did such a good job singing!
Afterwards we went to McDonalds with our friends Jeremy and Cindy and their son Cole. Jory was the one snapping pictures there!

This is a little like 'Where's Waldo'! Can you spy Jory?

Here I am Mom!

My cool dude after his first Christmas Concert!

Jory and his friend John. John's mom is Mandy who has been gracious enough to teach me some Madarin. She can't wait to meet our daughter!

This is Jory at Cole at McDonalds after the concert! They did so well, they deserved ice - cream!And don't they look absolutely adorable?!

Jeremy, Cindy and Cole

Jory snapping pictures... Jack and I

A little closer now...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Official Christmas Picture

Here's the 2 pictures we used for our 2008 Christmas card.

We built our front porch this summer and absolutely LOVE it! So of course that was the place to take our picture!

And of course you remember my post about my new porch swing!

I think it turned out fabulous and I was thrilled to get a good picture of all us in it!

Happy Holidays from the JCrew!

Celebrate the Savior!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Okay, I've been a very, very bad blogger! I just downloaded the pics from my camera for the last month so I will play catch up! Let me explain my absence....

'Nuff said, right?!!!!

Okay I admit it... I've been on the Twilight bandwagon for the last few weeks. I read Twilight in 2 evenings at home, New Moon in one Saturday and Eclipse in just a couple of evenings as well. I'm just starting Breaking Dawn and I know I won't be able to put it down either.
What is it about these books... more precisley, what is it about Edward?! Ugh!