Thursday, February 26, 2009


Jadeth is the FCCLA President at THS. He actually has one of the largest chapters in the Nation, with over 70 kids in FCCLA. Because of his active involvement, he was one of 100 kids in Missouri invited to a day of Legislative Shadowing. He followed our represenative, Casey Guernsey, around for the day and was able to sit in on a few meetings as well.
Pictured with Jadeth and Casey is Connie Hoffman, THS's FCCLA advisor. This is the picture that was submitted for our local newspaper.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Religion Vs. Christianity

Religion spells 'DO'
You must do this or do that...

Christianity spells 'DONE'
It is finished, done.
The price is paid in full.
Christ blood on the cross set us free.

It is far easier to live out a religion than it is to live out a relationship. Religions have rules, lists of "do's" and "don'ts", rights and wrongs.

This is, however, precisely what Jesus did NOT come to teach. Jesus came to set us free from religious structure. Free from lists of behavioral practices, free from the law, and free from feeling like we can never measure up to a worldly or religiously imposed standard of behavior.

Eternally His... JMS

Friday, February 20, 2009

A friend of mine is making some jewelry with a message... I invite you to read how the jewelry line came about, then go check out her site!
The stones on these pieces came from a tempered glass patio table that was shattered during a storm. When the clouds left and the sun shone brightly on the shattered mess in our yard, it glittered like precious jewels. Millions of them! How could brokenness be so beautiful? I realized it had everything to do with the sun shining through it. The Son began to show me the potential of the broken when put back into the Creator's hands. Excitement rose in me as I gathered up the fragments. As the Lord does with us, I accepted each one in the shape they were found. Washing them thoroughly, I noticed how some pieces had more dirt than others yet came out just as clean! Next was the fun part. Giving them new colors and placing them according to their unique shapes (no two exactly alike) in a place where they have beauty, value, and purpose. What once was lost had now been found!
Is this not what the Lord does with us when we give him our own disasters?

"They shall be mine," says the Lord of hosts, "On the day that I make them my jewels."Mal. 3:17
"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;
Old things are passsed away; behold all thing have become new!"2 Cor. 5:17

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Having Fun!!!

Now that I finally figured out how to upload video, I went back and found the 'twirling' video of Jory in T-Ball last summer! So here are those to share and one of Jacen hitting in baseball as well! Jacen's game go so fast it's hard to get good video of him! I still have some skateboarding video I promised! Be watching for them...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

MY OH MY!!!!!

Okay - I know I have a LOT of catching up to do, I do have many photo's to share. As you can see, my blog has been under going a make over... and I've been having computer trouble. I will get caught up someday!

But, today I received updated photo's of our little girl! Surely a tiny little glimpse will be okay to share! She looks so grown up! I can't wait to get her! Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ladder Practice

Last night as I walked through the house I heard a loud truck stop outside and seen brake lights out front. I thought the Schwan man must be here, nevermind that the Schwan man doesn't stop at our house! But I thought that's what it must be so I went to the door, actually a bit excited to get some cheddar bites! I opened the door and there were 4 firetrucks, 1 ambulance, the fire chiefs suburban and about 35 Firefighters in their gear.
YIKES!!!! I hadn't noticed anything, but I have been accused of being non-observant.
The fire chief come up to the door and I said "You're not the Schwan man!" He's my neighbor, so I can say incredibly ridiculous stuff like that to him! He said they were going to be doing some ladder practice on the empty house across the street from us. So guess where my boys were the rest of the night!
Jack had been out running some errands and imagine his surprise when he come around the corner and our road was blocked off by firetrucks and ambulances... all parked right in front of our house! I think it jumpstarted his heart a bit!
You can see Jory's feet... he was sitting on a the hood of a truck parked in our side yard that Jack has for sale! He loved it!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get what you give

I get devotionals from Max Lucado emailed to me every so often. Some are very profound and I like to share them... such as this one. Eternally His... JMS

Are you aware that this is what you are saying to your Father? Give me what I give them. Grant me the same peace I grant others. Let me enjoy the same tolerance I offer. God will treat you the way you treat others.
In any given Christian community there are two groups: those who are contagious in their joy and those who are cranky in their faith. They’ve accepted Christ and are seeking him, but their balloon has no helium. One is grateful, the other is grumpy. Both are saved. Both are heaven bound. But one sees the rainbow and the other sees the rain.
Could this principle explain the difference? Could it be that they are experiencing the same joy they have given their offenders? One says, “I forgive you,” and feels forgiven. The other says, “I’m ticked off,” and lives ticked off at the world.
It’s as if God sends you to the market to purchase your neighbor’s groceries saying, “Whatever you get your neighbor, get also for yourself. For whatever you give him is what you receive.”
Let’s take this a step further. Suppose your neighbor’s trash blows into your yard. You mention the mess to him, and he says he’ll get to it sometime next week. You inform him that you’ve got company coming and couldn’t he get out of that chair and do some work? He tells you not to be so picky, that the garbage fertilizes your garden. You’re just about to walk across the lawn to have a talk when God reminds you, “Time to go to the market and buy your neighbor’s groceries.” So you grumble and mumble your way to the store, and then it hits you, “I’ll get even with the old bum.” You go straight to the skim milk. Then you make a beeline to the anchovies and sardines. You march right past the double-chocolate ice cream and head toward the okra and rice. You make a final stop in the day-old bread section and pick up a crusty loaf with green spots on the edge.
Chuckling, you drive back to the house and drop the sack in the lap of your lazy, good-for-nothing neighbor. “Have a good dinner.” And you walk away.
All your brilliant scheming left you hungry, so you go to your refrigerator to fix a sandwich, but guess what you find. Your pantry is full of what you gave your enemy. All you have to eat is exactly what you just bought. We get what we give.
Some of you have been eating sardines for a long time. Your diet ain’t gonna change until you change. You look around at other Christians. They aren’t as sour as you are. They’re enjoying the delicacies of God, and you’re stuck with okra and anchovies on moldy bread. You’ve always wondered why they look so happy and you feel so cranky. Maybe now you know. Could it be God is giving you exactly what you’re giving someone else?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some catch up...

We had a pretty good snow storm the end of January and Jory was such a little trooper! He 'asked' to go out side and shovel snow! He did such a fabulous job! First he shoveled a path to Jadeth's car so he could go to work, then he shoveled a path for our mail lady!

Why can't he ask to clean the house???

Jacen had his band concert finally. He was scheduled to have it before Christmas but the weather got bad and they postponed it. He's such a little trumpet player! He really rocks! His hair is soooo cool and he just swishes it to the side and looks so adorable!
Apparently his mommy isn't the only one who thinks so as our phone rings non stop! I've had to be down right rude with a couple of little girls. What ever happened to the guy calling the girl when he was interested?