Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Wow... So behind in this blogging, but this trip has kicked my butt!
Our guide, Andy, in Beijing was AMAZING.  But that guy is in shape!
We hit the ground running walking and didn't stop.  When we did stop, we crashed!
No supper, no blogging.  Just bed!
But boy did we see some stuff in Beijing!
Pictures are out of order, and I only uploaded a few favorites for now.
I don't think this one needs any explanation!
We went to the Olympic Village and seen the Birds Nest, the Water Cube and Pangu 7Star Hotel.
This was the cable car ride up to the Great Wall.
We visited the Mutianyu Section of the Wall.
Our guide taught us a quote:
"Unless a man walk the Great Wall, he is not a 'real man'".
Chairman Mao

This picture was taken at the Forbidden City.
I bet we had at least 30 different people/families want their picture taken with us, and especially Jory.
Women were even trying to hand Jory their babies!
At one time our guide left us to go purchase some tickets and when he returned we were surrounded by people taking pictures of us and with us!  We should have charged and paid for our flight home!  :)

Jory's first flight!  Going well!

The street vendors food in Beijing!  If you watched the Duggar episode... this is where they were!  The heart of Beijing... just a few blocks down from our hotel.

The Stotts men are 'real men'!

The Temple of Heaven.  Click HERE to learn more.

Jory at Tiananmen Square

This was at the Temple of Heaven. Our guide told us to visit the last 2 buildings and meet him at the gate.  We were wore out!  So we sat and people watched!  Don't tell Andy!

Back to the Food Tables in Beijing... Crickets and Scorpions.

Just 1/2 of the food tables... Jory walked down the sidewalk with his hoodie up over his nose!

The middle of the bottom row is what we were looking for....
fried snake.
(glad the camera focused on Jory and blurred the back ground)

We took at Rickshaw ride through Hutong.  The very heart of Beijing.  A preserved part of the old original Courtyard Homes with the narrow streets and all. We actually were able to visit one of the homes.  The guys were mad because my rickshaw was #12!

The Forbidden City once you walk inside the gate. 
This is still the outer court.
I think there were over 8000 rooms inside!  The Emperor had something like 3000 concubines.

As interesting as Beijing was, I know you're wanting the good stuff, JEMMA!
I'll try and get those up ASAP!!!

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