Friday, October 29, 2010


No I'm not talking about soccer!
But Jory did make a goal...
and he scored!

He started collecting pop cans at Grandma's house.
He wrote this note a while back asking for
pop can donations.

(I'll translate at the bottom of the picture!)

 "keep your pop cans, I dont kare if it is dokbperer or pepsee, I don't kare wut it is."

And here he is with his pop can tower!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sew Busy.....

Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry was in the Missouri Day 2010 Parade again this year!
And just like last year we had so much applause from the crowd,
cheers and even some screams!
It's so awesome and even emotional to see the support.

This was my first year to be a vendor at Missouri Days.
Renea and I sold unique toddler clothing,
both new and 'up'cycled.

I have a few things left for sale. 
If you have any 12M-4T girls check out the little peasant dresses!
I also have aprons, some adorable little coasters and baskets that will make
AWESOME teacher gifts, secret sister gifts, hostess gifts.... you name it!
I'll post photo's of those soon!

I plan on using the baskets to put a jar of homemade caramel sauce and apples in for my kids teachers!
SEW cool!

If you see anything you'd like to purchase,
send me an email at

Please spread the word!
SEW Blessed!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jory turns 8!!

My sweet baby boy turned 8 on Saturday!
We celebrated with family at the park and it was a BEAUTIFUL day!
He got a lot of Remote Control toys, 4 wheelers, airplanes, hover crafts... so the park turned out to be a great idea!  The 'big boys' enjoyed the toys as much as the kids!

Mom and Dad got Jory a new electric scooter. 
He had bought one with his summer school money, but the electric module went out way too soon.
We tried all summer to order just the piece, but it was always out of stock.
In the end, we just replaced it.
He was thrilled.

This little plane really flew!
In fact, it took off and went across the road and into one of those tree's behind Jory.
Needless to say, it needs some repairs!
Just a soldering iron... quick fix!

Jia and her nephew Jaydon. 
He is 6 months younger than her.

The cake! 
I love this picture, the way all the kids are looking at Jory.
And he seems to be saying "all mine"!!

Uncle Rob's present was so pretty we had to take a picture BEFORE he opened it!

Happy 8th Birthday sweet boy!
We love you so much!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dear Orphan

Dear Orphan~

I saw your photo today. You are so adorable!

Your eyes are so deep and full of hope.

I love your little smile.

I know it must be hard some days to find

the strength to smile.

I have heard how little food you have,

but you are still willing to share with your friends.

What a sweet little person you are!

But, I am writing this letter to tell you that I will

not be able to help you.

You see, my family is happy with the life we are living.

I know that we could get bunk beds

and you could share a room with one of our bio kids,

but really, that is no life for either of you.

We have so much going on around here and

life would just be too chaotic.

Our neighbors just got a new TV and game system,

we really think we need to have one too.

I have a 'ladies night out' next week and

I have nothing to wear.

I really need to purchase a new outfit.

I guess I could sponsor you... but,

it will have to wait til next month,

I really need that new outfit

and my kids are dying for some fast food tonight.
 Good luck to you!
I found this on a blog, that found it on a blog... I think it originally come from here.
What a powerful post.  How many times a day do we say this??? Oh, maybe we don't actually say the words out loud, but actions speak louder than words anyway, don't they??
I look at my daughter now and the changes in her.  What would her life be like if we had chose new furniture or vehicles or whatever the 'thing' is, over choosing her?
I wonder if God has another daughter picked for us and what happens if we're not obedient and choose the comfortable American Dream over her?
I will....