Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dept of Homeland Security and Jadeth

Wow! Jack and I had the rare occasion to travel to KC.... ALONE! We had to update our immigration paperwork and fingerprints for our adoption. The last time we were alone was 18 months ago when we originally did our fingerprints and paperwork! So here's a funny story, sort of 'redneck' if you will, but here goes. Okay, so we have to go to the Dept. of Homeland Security to be fingerprinted and file and extension of our paperwork. We did this originally in October of 2006 and I vividly remember taking my cell phone in with me. So I didn't bother removing it from my purse this time. So we're going through security, 3 guards, the little xray thingy and metal detector. I had to take my phone out and since I now have a phone with a camera, I couldn't take it in. So my lovely husband took it out to our car while I went on in.

So he comes back in and begins to go through security and guess what it on my keychain? A pocket knife. It's a cute little pink one that I asked for for Christmas. You know when you let your kids get a toy at the store and then you can't get it open until you get home? Well, I was tired of that. I should've just stopped buying toys, but instead I asked for a handy dandy pocket knife to keep on my key chain. Jack, of course never drives my car and thought NOTHING about it. The main guard was really nice and remembered us from last time. He said, "I'm going to pretend I didn't see that." So Jack had to take my knife back to the car. Another guard standing there was a pompous jerk that was entirely too mouthy. If I wasn't afraid he could pull rank on me and keep me from getting my paper work renewed, I would have let him have it. So anyway, poor Jack eventually clears security and I was laughing so hard. I said "I can't believe you tried to bring a pocket knife into the Dept. of Homeland Security!" He didn't laugh.

Now Jack and I should be good for another 18 months with our paperwork. If we have to go back again for another renewal, I might just be in a foul enough mood to stomp on the jerk guards toes!
Now, today Jadeth is 17! Happy Birthday Jadeth!

His... JMS

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother."
- Abraham Lincoln

So many thoughs swirling around this day. First off, I'm so thankful for my mother. I'm thankful she drug me to church 3 times a week when I was a child. God chose the perfect woman to be my mother, and I'm forever grateful...
I'm sorry that my mom, no longer has her mom. I can't imagine losing you mother...
I'm humbled at the 3 blessings God has given me. That He chose me to mother these 3 boys, is beyond comprehension...
Another thing I can't fathom is that God would choose me to mother a little girl so dear to Him. A little girl He dearly loves that needs a mother. The way He's worked in my life to prepare me for this journey is remarkable. I can't wait for Him to unite me with that little girl some day...
And with thoughts of that little girl, my little girl, comes much emotion as I comptemplate her birth mother. Acutally, all the mothers around the world that are unable to raise their own children for whatever reason, my heart breaks for them...
There are no words adequate enough...
Thank you God for mothers... all mothers. -JMS

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lots going on...

Today Jack and I met with our social worker at our agency. We needed a homestudy update in order to renew our immigration paperwork. Nikki was so fun to work with. We had a great visit. After our meeting, Jack and I went to visit with my Uncle Denny and Aunt Mary who are up from South Missouri. My cousin John and his wife Paula just had a baby girl Monday, so we got to see baby Avery when she first arrived home from the hospital.

Jadeth escorted Isabella Sgarbi to prom April 26th and Jory had his preschool graduation May 4th. So I"ll include some photo's for you.

Jory and Jacen have started baseball. Jory is in his first year of T-ball and Jacen is in Little League and will be traveling this year. Jadeth is coaching soccer this spring and still working. Jack will start racing very soon also. I have a couple of cakes to make in the next week and we are adding a 6x24 porch to the front of our house... So things will be very busy! No time to dwell on China and how longgggggg the adoption is taking!

His -Joy

Homestudy Update and Miss Emily

Today Jack and I had to meet with our CHI SW to udate our homestudy. Our immigration paperwork is set to expire the end of this month and we must submit a homestudy update to renew it. Anyhoo, we have the BEST SW ever. I mean EVER! We totally love Nikki and trust her completely to help us complete our adoption. She totally rocks!

After meeting Nikki, we went to OP to see my Aunt and Uncle. Aunt Mary and I went to have lunch with Emily at her school. Emily's mom and I were unseperable during our childhood. Even though they lived in OP, and we lived 2 hours North, we were always talking, writing letters, sending cassette tapes of us talking to one another (am I aging my self?) and spending weeks together in the summer. I never dreamed that almost 2 years would have gone by with out seeing Amy. It's sad how busy we are these days and how we simply don't make the time to enjoy our family. I never thought that our kids wouldn't be as close as Amy and I were. But, I was wrong. Anyway, here's a picture of me with Miss Emily!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is Jack and mine's 15th Anniversary! 2 years ago, for our anniversary we decided to for go gifts to one another and pay the application fee to CHI. Now, we're in the process of updating expired paperwork and still waiting....
Cool thing today though... a few weeks ago I found some really cool 'red thread' bracelets here. I ordered 2, one for me and one to give my mom for mothers day. I sorta forgot all about them, but they showed up today! I was going to wait until Mothers Day to wear mine, but I thought today was very appropriate! Exactly 2 years since we started this process, our 15th anniversary... Hmmmm...... The bracelets were very nice and they came in the cutest ever Asian fabric little draw string bag! Can't wait to give my mom hers!
Now - about our anniversary! God truly blessed me when he put Jack and I together. No one else would put up with me I"m sure! He really adores me and would do anything to make me happy! The last few years since we've both accepted Jesus have been most wonderful! I'm happy making a life and family with him and look forward to many more years together!
His.... -Joy