Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Been Busy....

I've been a little busy with the sewing!  Sorry I haven't been keeping up the Sew Blessed blog, but I've been putting new stuff on Facebook.
Anyway, my friend and I have a booth reserved for Missouri Days so I gotta get stuff stocked up!
Enjoy the new stuff...

Baby Booties

I made a new fall jacket for Jia... or for sale, whichever!
She's a great little model!

A dress for my hairdressers daughter!

A 'Junie Doll' for Jocelyn...

Baby gown, burp rag and booties for Kims new niece.
(they have a thing against pink)

Deliveries for Baby Charli and Beautiful Emma!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back to School 2010

The kids started school August 18th.  So far, so good!
Jory is now a 2nd grader!  He is always up early and ready to go!
Every other week, Jack goes to work at 5:00 and Jory wants Jack to wake him up before he leaves.  He is loving this year!  I hope he keeps it up!

Jacen is an 8th grader!
His last year before High School - YIKES!!!!
He's loving school and doing great to!

Jia is in preschool! 
The first day she literally weaved her way in between the other parents legs that were in line ahead of us!
I got a wave and off she went!
She's thriving!

I thought this was a cute pic.
Jory is ready to head out the door and Jia is just waking up!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Help by doing something you love... crafting! Jo-Ann stores is hosting a sweepstakes called Crafting for a Cause. The intent is to encourage Jo-Ann customers to make and donate a handmade item directly to their favorite charity.

You must be 14 or older to enter. Each person enters their craft on behalf of their favorite charity. You are then eligible yourself to win one of five $1,500.00 gift cards from Jo-Ann. The three non-profits who receive the most craft items submitted on their behalf are then eligible to receive a portion of a $90,000.00 donation from Jo-Ann and it's partner organizations!

Wow! Do something you enjoy and help your favorite charity at the same time - what could be better!

Go here to learn more and be sure to forward this invitation on to your crafty friends!

So, how does it work?

•Register at Craft for a Cause

•You must submit your entry by October 30, 2010

•You must be 14 or older to participate. This could be a great mom-daughter-granddaughter-girl scout troop-youth group project.

•When you register you are asked to provide the name of the non-profit for which you are making the craft.

•Please review the sweepstakes rules.

•You must buy the majority of the supplies for your project from Jo-Ann and provide a scanned copy of your sales receipt as a part of your registration/submission.
If you happen to be a crafter without a favorite charity on the list, then I would reccomend crafting for this one...
Nightlight may not appear in the drop-down menu provided, but you may still enter it as an option.

Blankets - Beads - Books - Booties - Bonnets - Bags - your imagination is the limit. Jo-Ann wants you to send your finished creation directly to Nightlight. What will Nightlight use them for?

October 2010. A mission team will travel to Uganda to serve in our new Tender Hearts Babies Home. Craft items which have a use in the orphanage will be carried over in team luggage.

November 2010 is Adoption Awareness Month. Nightlight is planning an online auction during the month and some of your items will be made available for auction.

Spring 2011. Nightlight will be hosting its annual Gala event. Exceptional craft items will be made available in our silent auction.

Summer 2011. Craft items that may be helpful to our Summer Tour groups will be given to children and chaperons. Last year, small memory photo albums (4x6), were appreciated by tour children.

Orphanages. Frequently when families travel to complete their international adoptions they take gifts for the residents. Perhaps some of your crafts could travel to foreign lands.

Suggestions: Lightweight baby blankets, toys, crocheted baby hats, crib bumpers (we have 30 cribs), cloth baby books (Jo-Ann has fabric patterns for these), quilts would make excellent auction items, small memory books, cloth dolls, scarves and hats for older children. These are suggestions only - craft what you enjoy.