Monday, August 23, 2010


We had a quick trip to Branson before School started.  It was an awesome & HOT time!
My parents camped at TableRock that week and my Aunt and Uncle live nearby, so it was great to visit with family and relax.

Since I last blogged the photo uploader has changed... yikes!
So these are in no paticilar order, sorry!

This is Jia and I waiting for the boys to finish riding the go-karts

We rode the bumper boats and the boy that took our tickets pointed out to me which boat had the best sprayer.  Obviously it didn't do me much good!
This was a down & dirty fun vacation. 
We got wet.
We had icky hair days.
We had a ball!

This is Jack and Jacen at the Branson Landing watching the fountians.

Jacen on the waterslide

The JCrew at the Landing

Jia and Jory at the Landing

Miss Jia LOVED the go karts. 
She rode with me the first time and she giggled through the entire ride! 
She just kept smiling at me and was so adorable!
She was trying to wave at me as she went by, but I think daddy went faster than me!

Jia outside the Chinese Acrobat show

Jia on the waterslide - brave girl loved it!

Jia outside the Chinese Acrobat building

Jory and Jia... Jia was being uncooperative! 
Jory love the C.A. They made his list of favorite things about vacation!

Jory enjoyed the rookie karts so he could ride alone. 
The little guy shows great potential... he was keeping the inside line and not letting anyone by!

Jory on the waterslide!  We all loved the water.

Jory with a couple of the acrobats  - AMAZING show!

Jory outside the Chinese Acrobat show.

My Aunt and Uncle live nearby so they took us out on TableRock lake on their pontoon boat.
This was a favorite for everyone!  I think we could spend the entire trip on the lake!
This is my Aunt Mary...

This is a large cliff on Table Rock lake... you climb up & jump off.
Jacen is just at the top in the plaid trunks.
He was on his 2nd jump.
I was on over to the right (past the trees)....
trying to get my knees to stop knocking together to do my first jump!

Uncle Denny and Jack

The daredevil.  Yes, I'm holding on to the string of her lifevest.
She has no fear.

Jack, Jia and I

Jacen and Jack battling it out on the karts.
If you knew the racing history in our family...
Jacen was not gonna let his dad past!

Jacen tried his best to kill me on vacation.
Besides jumping on the cliff, we rode the ripcord together.

We did a little school shopping,
seen some shows,
played in the water,
had a fabulous time!