Friday, June 29, 2012

MaoGang Reunion 2012

Last weekend we had our 1st MaoGang Reunion! 
14 families were able to meet in Kansas City at the Great Wolf Lodge
 and spend the weekend getting aquainted.
This was such an amazing weekend for our daughters.
It was such a blessing watching them play together and get to know one another.  They all got along so well and seemed to find someone they 'clicked' with!

We kicked off with dinner at the T-Rex Cafe at Legends.

My sweet friend Aimee from NC offered to make scrap book pages of the girls.
She included their referal pictures, a picture of their family and some favorites of each girl.
The page also incuded some fun facts about each girl.
As you can tell, it was a big hit! 

Saturday was crafts at Kaleidescope and the
Hallmark Visitors Center.

Saturday night one of our awesome families hosted a picnic at Wyandotte County Lake.
I dare say this was the highlight of our weekend. 
The location was beautiful. 
The weather was nice.
The kids could run.

This is Jia and Gracie.
Remember when I said all the girls found someone they 'clicked' with?
Well Jia clicked with Gracie!
They were inseperable!

Another awesome mom had matching shirts made for all the girls!
And yes, Jia has one. But you know that would require wearing pants or shorts.  And my girl wasn't to thrilled with that.
I do wish we'd at least slipped it on over her dress for pictures. 

After the group photo's of the girls, we took pictures of each individual family.

Here's is Jia's scrapbook page that Aimee made!

The weekend was just so great.  There just aren't words to explain how it felt to see all of these girls together.  I believe 7 of the families that were at the picnic were the first families from America to adopt from MaoGang!  They all travelled together in 2005!
Some of the little girls would have been in the orphanage the same time Jia was, but none of them seemed to remember.  However, they will all remember eachother from the picnic!
God is good!