Tuesday, December 22, 2009

6 Months

It's late.... I'm exhausted.  But there's no way I'm letting this day go by without a little reflection.  I put together a little slide show for your enjoyment, and let's be honest, mine!  It's been fun watching Jia change!  I don't notice it as much being with her everyday, but her hair is getting much longer and she's learning so much!  She's also forgetting so much.  She rarely rattles off Chinese anymore and she's lost that desire to line up her shoes and put everything back in it's place!  (sigh) 
She has adjusted perfectly and I just can't help but think that Jack and I did everything just right!  She's so happy and loving and just the most perfect little girl every!  Oh, she can throw a fit, a dandy to!  And yell at her brothers.  And pout.  But she's perfect.
It's been nice to remember our time in China, especially this time of year.  I feel God intimately shared with us a bit of His heart in China.  Oh, how He loves the orphan.  I pray I never forget the faces I seen there waiting on their families.  And I pray I never take for granted how blessed I am.  I pray that when I fret over little things, material things... I remember.  I hope I always have the orphan forefront in my mind and am constantly thinking of ways to unite familes.  I will forever be an adoption advocate, it has rocked my world!
I realized I have been very bad at keeping up my blog, and thank you Renea for pointing that out!  :-)  But now that Christmas is almost over, I promise to get you caught up and do better!

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