Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter from the JCrew

So I missed my BFF Renea's Easter picture day. 
She done it on the 1st Saturday of April,
But being the BFF that she is....
she took some shots for me another day.
A WINDY day!
But cute kids anyway!!!



Jory & Jia

Renea was also doing a favor for another BFF who missed picture day!
This is Jory and Jia with Kristi.
She is adopted from Haiti and I love how Renea put the lyrics around this picture!

I had on my "Whatever" shirt that Renea made, so she wanted to snap a shot of me in one of her creations.  I sure hope she doesn't use it on her website.  Did I mention how WINDY it was this day??

And Jacen, being the 14 year old that he is, did not want any part of Easter pictures.
But just so you know he's alive and well...
Here's Jacen with his new nephew Jaxton.
Jacen adores his nephew and is often at Jills holding the baby!

Jaxton Ray Thomas
April 11, 2011

Jory also adores his new nephew!  He loves to hold him and rub his forehead!

Jia.... well, she could care less.  She did hold him finally after several visits.  But it was more to please us.
I think she'll feel differently when he's a little older and more playful!

Happy Easter from Jax...

Don't forget.... The tomb is empty.
He is no longer there.
He has risen!

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Wednesdays with Beth (Moore)
What I love Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday

Those are just a few of things that happen on Wednesday.

Something new is fixin' to happen around here on Wednesday.

You see, last year I started a blog to journal a bible study my friend and I were doing. 
But life happened. 
We took the summer off and have yet to start back! 
And let's face it... blogging takes time. 
Something I don't have a lot extra of.

But I really want to get back to journaling what God is showing me through bible study, devotions, life....

So without further ado....
I introduce to you....

I hope you'll journey there with me on Wednesdays and share what God is showing you in your life.
And like I said.... blogging takes time.
So if you'd like to help me sometime and guest post, I would love that!

See you at the WELL!