Monday, June 27, 2011


We are headed North on I35... On our way to Grand Marais Minnesota for a much needed vacation! We got us a cabin right on Lake Superior, blue skies and a DVD player! is good!
If you follow JHAM on Facebook, then you already know we've been asked to advocate for waiting children through our ministry. So be watching for precious little faces to make their appearance soon! We appreciate your prayers and your help spreading the word about these children who are waiting for their forever family to find them! If Our agency had not advocated for Jia via Internet, we would not have found her. God has....can...and will continue to use the Internet to bring these children home and we are thrilled to be asked to be a part of it!
First off though, a little rest from all of our craziness lately. A little time to reconnect spiritually and bond together! We are stopping at Mall of America on our way back home. Pictures will be next week!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 22, 2011 - 2nd Anniversary of Gotcha Day!

In celebration of Jia's 2nd Gotcha Day, I'm sharing a video I made to share with our church for National Adoption Month in November.

Also Celebrating Megan's 2nd Forever Family Day
and Emma's first year home with her family!
God is GOOD!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The little girl with the spiderman sandals...

2 years in review!

Referral Photo
(love at first sight)

First Family Photo


Meeting Jory at the airport

1 month home

September 2009
Meeting Caiya - her MaoGang sister that now lives in North Carolina

1st Forever Family Day - 6/22/10

Family Portrait


We've discovered rollers!

Miss Attitude!

Playing TBall

Friday, June 17, 2011



A cool treat for a great cause
Dear friends,

On Sunday, I’m taking my 84-year-old dad to Wendy’s to buy him a chocolate Frosty for Father’s Day. I’m celebrating him and all that he has done for me – for bringing me up and never letting me down. Will you join us?

Stop by any Wendy’s this Saturday and Sunday and support the work of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption -- for every Frosty product sold, 50 cents will be donated to the Foundation in support of foster care adoption. There are 115,000 children looking for families, and a dad like mine, to call their own.

It’s simple. When you go to Wendy’s, you help find families for children. A Frosty is a cool treat for a great cause.

Happy Father’s Day!

Rita Soronen

President & CEO

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I know I've yet to fill in April and May pictures... and here's why!  These are June pictures and it's only 1/2 way through the month!
Jory and Jia are both playing baseball and Jory is playing soccer too.
We have 4 baseball games and 1 soccer game per week!  This week we have 5 baseball games because we're making up a rain out. 
It makes it really crazy for supper... so any quick and easy ideas would be welcome!

Here's Jory!  He is really becoming a great little player this year!  Hit's consitantly and has had a homerun the last 2 games.  It's Pee Wee ball, so he's postitioned around the coach pitcher and he gets a lot of balls and throws them out at first.  It's so fun to watch!  They really got a good thing going and our coach this year is wonderful with the boys!

Jia is sort of figuring Tball out.  She's enjoying it, but it doesn't really hold her attention.
She'd rather stomp on the coaches toes, play in the dirt or twirl with her friend!

She does a lot of this!

This is Jory's second year of summer soccer and he does so well that I think we will sign him up for a regular fall/spring season.  He really hustles on the field and always scores.  We gotta work on sharing the ball and passing though!

Here's his team planning their strategy..(figuring out which goal to kick it in!)

Jia is always the adorable cheerleader at soccer...

Switching gears.... I made this awesome ruffled dress for Jia la last week.
She loves it!  It was very time consuming, but so worth it!

My mom, Jia and I went to my friends Mary Kay Makeover / Open House last weekend.
It was fun to spend the afternoon with the girls and put on makeup and have our picture taken!

Jacen spent two weeks in Lawrence KS with Jadeth and came back and Jayhawks fan!
Aunt Ake spoiled him terribly and let him bring back on of her guitars to practice with.
As you can see, Jia thinks she might want to learn!
Jacen has been making up for lost time with his friends since getting home, so no pictures of him!  This is his first year with no baseball.  They didn't have enough boys his age sign up for a team.  It's really been very sad for us because he is SOOOOOO good and Jack and I love to watch him play!
I promise to get some skateboarding pics of him soon and maybe some video of him playing the guitar!

I'm creating a summer bucket list and promise to take pictures along the way... so keep comin' back!