Saturday, April 7, 2012

March Review

I took Jacen out one afternoon just goofin' off and hunting for some cool things to take pictures of.
This is all we got before it started raining!

We were supposed to be taking pictures of 'things' not him... hence the attire!
But this wall was too cool to pass on!

I take the kids to school every morning and one day as I was taking Jory and Jia, the line was very long, like 4-5 blocks.  I asked Jory why on earth the line wsa so long and he informed me it was the ABC awards that day.  You remember Jia got an award the beginning of the year.
Well, Jory started a pity party saying he will never get an award.  Everyone gets an award but him. And so on....  As the kids file into the gymnasium, they are all looking for their parents.  That way they know they're getting an award.  It was so funny that I managed to remain out of Jory's sight until they called his name.
He was really surprised.  I love the pictures I got of him. He couldn't contain his grin.

In this first picture, he still hadn't seen me and was thinking I wasn't there.  Jia was sitting in the front row with the Kindergarteners and he was smiling at her.  **swoon**  He is such a great brother!

Ah Ha!!  There you are mom!

I made Jia a new dress and we were outside taking pictures of it.  It's rare for her to let Daddy pick her up when he's working in the garage and is dirty!
I love this picture of them!  Notice her missing front teeth!

We took pictures out in the street and Jory was coming up the road on his bike.  Lil Miss was a bit put out that he was interfering with her photo shoot.

In typical big brother fashion, he showed her no mercy.

Here's Sassy Pants in the other dress we made that day.

Jia has developed a love of PB&J!  The  J being Granny Mona's homemade raspberry jelly.
She likes making them on her own.  She's growing up way too fast!

My cousin Travis made it back from Florida for a quick visit.
Thanks to his sweet wife Lisa for letting him use their airline credit to see us over his spring break.

Jia really warmed up to him... right as we were fixing to go!  

A fun little cake Jia and I made... Love Pinterest.

Someone was a little anxious!

There's most of March!

We are hitting that busy time of year.
Jory has Baseball practice on Tuesday and Thursdays.
Soccer practice on Wednesdays, then he and Jia go to AWANA'S.
Saturday morning is Soccer games, which thankfully have been rained out so far, allowing Jory to play roller hockey.  He has 2 roller hockey games each Saturday morning for the next 4 weeks.
Soon, Jia will begin her T-Ball practices and then Jory and Jia will have Ballgames.
So.  Life is good and busy!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Something New...

Jory has signed up for a new Roller Hockey league.  They play for 4 weeks.  Here is Jory and one of his best friends.  Love this picture.  They both look so tough!  And they won both of their games on Saturday!

February Wrap-Up

I could tell you all about how busy we are... but let's face it, you're only here for the pictures anyway, right??

Here ya go!  We stopped alongside the road on the way home from Grandma and Grandpa's one day to snap these pictures.  I wish Jia didn't have her glasses on with the transition lenses.  But they're still cute!