Friday, May 27, 2011

Sewing Projects

Well, I have so many things to add. I've been such a bad blogger and I'm afraid it's only gonna get worse before it gets better. 
You see, summer has hit and that means baseball, T-ball and soccer.
I plan on doing just a MAY post and upload all my pictures from May.
It has been a busy month... Jia's Preschool Graduation, Jory's acheivement award, Jadeth's birthday, Mothers Day, Jia's eye surgery, Baseball and soccer pictures.... you get the idea!
But first, I wanted to get you up to date with all the latest sewing projects!  It's been fun!

As you know, there's a new baby in our family, Jaxton.
So we've done a little sewing for him!
Here's an adorable little pirate outfit sewn on a onsie and matching pants.

These little Tie Onsies have been a big hit and Jax looks so handsome in his!

I bought this new pattern for Jia and she loves it! 
We used it for her Easter dress.
It twirls fabulously!

Here's the same dress in different fabric.

Another Tie Onsie and Bib for a gift.
Baby Andersen's last name is Burd... so the bib has a Baby Burd on it!

Another Birdie Onsie for a friend who had twin girls!

I made Jaxtons bedding and tried a new 'Faux Chenille' Blanket.
It takes a lot of sewing, but the end result if really neat!
 You stack your front piece of fabric and then 3-4 colors for the back.
I stacked a John Deere panel, Green, Red & Yellow.
Then sew diagonally every 1/2" across the entire thing.
Did I mention it was SEW time consuming??
After you sew all those lines, you cut through them.

Here's my front panel

After cutting all the lines, you bind the edges and wash it a few times.
It rags up and gets very soft like Chenille!

Jia got a new patchwork skirt

And this dress is made from a Jelly Roll and sewn onto a white t-shirt.

This Ruffle Shirt drives me a bit bonkers because the back ruffle doesn't line up. 
I think I'll try it again without the lower ruffle and just do a solid back.

A new reversible shirt with ribbon sewn around 'too-short' jeans to match.
(can you tell she's getting good at posing?)

The other side of the reversible shirt

And a dress made from an old shirt of mine.
It was difficult to line up all those ruffles but well worth it.
This looked like a really expensive dress!

And finally a little PillowCase dress for Graduation!

Stay Tuned....

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mommy N Me

My friend Renea of Look at Me Photography did Mommy N Me pictures this Saturday.
My kids weren't too happy about being drug out of bed early on Saturday... but it was so worth it!

Here is Lil' Miss 'Tude!

I went to get Renea some breakfast and Jory and Jia stayed with her. 
She killed the time by snapping pictures!
(Renea, Jia loves you!  LOL!)

Me and my kiddo's. 
We are missing Jadeth.  Maybe next year he'll make it home for Mothers Day.
Praying for gas prices to go down!

And in Black N White. 
I love the 'DANGER' sign above Jacen's head.

I do have some great Easter pics and some Mothers Day pictures to share soon.
And tomorrow is Jia's Preschool Graduation, so pics of that coming soon to!

Hope you all had a blessed Mothers Day!