Friday, June 19, 2009

We've made it to Hong Kong!

So! I don't even know where to start! You have to know... we don't travel! We went to the Bahama's 3 times, but that was 16 years ago and we were with a large group. For us to take off on our own and make this trip is so out of our league.
We left KCI and made it to Minneapolis in plenty of time. We thought we better go find our connecting flight first and that turned out to be a very good idea! That was our first eye opener that we're not in Missouri anymore! They began announcing (in broken English) something about a volcano errupting in Carrille (?) near Russia and all Asia bound flights were being re-routed. I don't know how we were planning to go originally, but now we had to stop in Portland for about 50 minutes to re-fuel. This was making everyone possibly miss their connecting flights. They thought they may delay some of those, but of course... we got in Japan about 8PM last night. Our flight was scheduled for 6:40. God bless all those ladies on RQ who recommended an extra set of clothes in the carry on! The airline put us up in a hotel and rescheduled our flight to Hong Kong. We were about 2 hours going through immigration, customs and getting the new flight information. Then we ended up on the wrong bus to our hotel... it actually went to another. It's 10 PM and we're at the wrong hotel and the shuttle bus driver speaks no English.
This very kind lady with the most adorable baby sort of translated for us. They called a taxi to come and get us, but the taxi did accept US$$. So we were headed for the hotel to exchange money when the taxi pulled up and they lady said "I'll pay for it..." And she did. We couldn't convince her otherwise. She paid the driver and gave him our destination info. As we were getting in the taxi, we gave her $20 US... she tried to refuse but we insisted. I pray it was more than enough. I still haven't got my caculator out and checked it.
So we rode the shutle back to the Japan airport this AM got all checked in and headed to McDonalds. First let me tell you, our choices for dinner on the plane were chicken and beef. I had mine and Jack's hot roll! So I'm simply starving this AM!!! It was so late there was nothing open in the hotel last night when we got there and we just crashed anyway. So McDonalds! We had exchanged US $ into Yen and found the McDonalds. It was glorious! I NEVER thougth I'd find McDonalds glorious, but it was! We met another American there and he sat down beside us. He was headed somewhere on business, but we enjoyed our chat with him. Our flight from Japan to HK was about 45 minutes late because someone on the plane was sick and had to get off. So anyway! We've arrived in Hong Kong!
We left KCI at 12:20 Wednesday and we arrived in Hong Kong about 3PM on Friday. Oh, and apparently I can't sleep on a plane. I tried. I tried so hard to be still, close my eyes, and go to sleep, but I just couldn't. So we got a few hours in Japan last night, but had to be about 5 AM to get ready and ride shuttle back to the airport. So if this post is a little mixed up that's why. But I didn't want to wait to write it!
Another time, I will tell you about the people on the plane from our adoption agency! It was way cool! But my King size bed is calling me for a nap... Jack is already there!
Eternally His and Grateful! JMS


Lesley said...

So glad you made it safely! You are in our thoughts and prayers! Good luck Monday!

Aimee and Cary Pfitzner said...

Oh Joy!!! I am so sorry for all the troubles.. wow! I couldn't sleep either on the plane.. too much excitement, too much to think about! Just remember this phrase; The Bigger the Thorns, the BIGGER the ROSE! Did you know that? It's true.. at least you got there and are safe! The will of God will never take you where the GRACE of God will not protect you.. another good one.
Thinking and praying for you! MANY blessings!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a long trip for you guys! Can't wait for more stories. -Sarah W.