Monday, June 22, 2009

all Gods grace in one little face

Note from Joy's Mom.....
We are Praising the Lord for this Blessing in our life, can't wait to have her here!
I am sorry the pic are bottom to top, don't know how to change them, so
enjoy them anyway :-) and keep prayers going up.

I don't know what we were worried about! Today went perfectly! It's now 9PM and I just put Jia down for the first time since we got her at about 3. She is totally glued to me.
She cried quite hard for about 5 minutes when they gave her to us. We had about 3 minutes to hold her before they made Jack go take care of the paperwork and such. So I had her alone for at least 30 minutes... long enough for her to stick to me. I think this is the reason, she won't go to Jack just yet. If he reaches out to her, she shakes her head sharply! She will take baby snacks from him and play with her toys with him. It will all come together in a few days, we're not too worried!
She's such a good girl. After that initial crying, once in a while she would pucker up and start to whine, but we were able to distract her. The only time she flat out bawled after that was when she seen the nanny that brought her. We had the opportunity to visit with the nanny and ask her questions, but she upset Jia so much, I told our guide Molly to just make her go away. Molly assured us that she could call the orphanage for us if we needed any questions answered. We posed for a picture with the nanny and she come and stood right by Jia, so you can see in the photo, I turned and put Jia on the other side.
Beyond that, our girl has been such a trooper! We come back to the hotel and she almost fell asleep in the van, so we laid down thinking she would nap. Not interested! So we got up and tried out the stroller. Again...not interested! So I carried her to the other side of the island where we ate supper. She ate Congee with Chicken and was such a big girl! She was swinging her feet in her high chair and looking around at everything. She has been so good and so brave!
After supper when we arrived on our floor at our hotel, I put her down and let her walk. Our room is at the very end of the hall, so she was able to take off and really seemed to enjoy it. Then we took a bath and she just did so unbelievably well! It's incredible!
Right now, we've made a palet on the floor and she's zonked. It's been such a big day for her. Jack and I are totally exhausted as well, but so thrilled that this day has come and gone and has went so well!

Oh, it looks like we won't starve afterall. We found a place that serves hamburgers and GRILLED CHEESE!!!! YIPPEE!!!! It was sort of funny, I was sitting there eating and the scripture from Matthew came to me that I read this AM... about not worrying about food and clothing... that even the sparrows are fed. I thought that was awesome when I seen grilled cheese on the menu... and it was good!
You can see from the pictures that she likes suckers! And she's just like Mom and Dad... she loves her toy cell phone and her toy car keys! One in each hand!
More tomorrow!
Jack N Joy


trina said...

She's so beautiful! I love the pic of her so cuddled in your arms. Sweet,sweet. Enjoy her. She's precious. :)

Melinda said...

I'm glad everything went well. She is so precious!!

Annette said...

What a lucky little girl to be getting a mommy like you! When I think of all the love that shines out in you, it brings tears to my eyes. You are a shining example for us all. She is so beautiful!