Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh Uncle Hobbie.....

Little Jia wants a laptop!!!!! She loves to sit on my lap, well technically she won't get off my lap, but she loves to push buttons and pull cords on the laptop!
Today we drove 4 hours each way to Maoming City. That is where Jia and Megan (the other couples daughter) are from. Jia was in MaoGang and Megan in MaoNan. We were not able to visit MaoGang, as it was 'under construction and inconvenient'. But we did get to go inside MaoNan with the other couple. The Director and the Vice sat down with us and gave us boiling hot tea as an extension of their hospitality. Jeff and Jennifer were able to find out more about Megan's life there and ask questions. The Director gave the 2 girls and Matthew (Jeff and Jennifers 5 year old son who is with them) a little piece of jade on a 'red thread'. It was very sweet of him to include Jia.
We then got to walk by the babies rooms and look in. It was nap time, so we couldn't interact. Most were sleeping. But the nannie's did come out and see Megan and they showed her parents where her bed was. They were able to take some photographs together as well. As we went down the 3rd floor hall, I walked by a baby without even noticing it. I was looking in all the windows and when we stopped and I looked back, I noticed a baby lying on a cart with sides about 6 inches high. It was so quiet and still, and honestly out of place, that I passed right by it. I had Molly ask why it was out in the hall alone and she said it had just been brought in this AM and was under observation before putting it with the other babies.
The director said there were about 60 babies there currently. It was so incredibly sad. After our visit, the Director and Vice led us to McDonalds where we grabbed lunch. We ate it in the van and drove to where Megan was found. Jeff and Jennifer were able to take some photo's at Megans finding spot.
When we left, we had intended to drive to MaoGang, but it is quite a distance from MaoNan, and we weren't going to be allowed in, so Jack and I told Molly we didn't have to go. It was so hot and the ride was horrible. I was afraid Jia might recognize the place and it just didn't seem worth it.
We at least got to see MaoMing, where she is from. It is a relatively small city, only 400,000 compared to Guangzhou's 30 million! It was really crazy and I cannot even begin to describe the traffic. Our prayer life has reached a new level because we seriously take our life in our hands each time with get on the road! Our drivers have all been wonderful, but the others are not. And there are not carseats!
Jia also had her first chicken nuggets today and LOVED them! Oh great... at least Jack and I were an even team against Jacen and Jory,now they have us outnumbered. They always want to eat at McDonalds!
Tomarrow, we are free until 2 PM! WOO HOO!!! We will probably get up at 1 PM! Molly has 5 other families coming in the morning she must pick up at the airport and get settled. Then she taking just our 2 families to do a little sightseeing, the pearl market and then to her house for dinner. Her husband is cooking for us! Also, we'll get to meet Molly's mom. Molly just got back from taking her mom to visit her grandparents the day before Jack adn I arrived, so her mom is still staying with us. Molly is wonderful and I'm so honored she wants to invite us into her home and to meet her family! She wanted to do this before our group got too big! From now on, there will be 7 couples.
Anyway... we are sooooooooo tired! I cannot even begin to tell you. And I wish I wasn't so picky about spelling and punctuation or I would've been done 30 minutes ago. I'm so tired I keep hitting all the wrong keys!
Until tomorrow.... Oh! I forgot to tell you... Jeff and Jennifer pointed out that today marks the 1/2 way point of our trip. It's all down hill from here. Thank God! It's been wonderful, but I"m so ready to get home to Dr. Pepper and Oreo's and Milk!


Melinda said...

Keep the pictures coming! Jia looks great! Glad you all are doing well!

Anonymous said...

So look forward to each morning when I get up to see the inventure you all have been on like reading a book but is real life going on here what A lucky little girl to have parents now to love her and we thank God for taking care of you all and bring you all home safe
God is Good.Love Mom Bev.
Give Jia hug and Grandma loves her.

Anonymous said...

She is just beautiful guys! Congradulations! Looking forward to meeting her :-)
Be safe.
Love you!!
Steven & Holly