Saturday, June 27, 2009

Slower Day's on ShaMian Island

Things are slowing down for us now. All we had to do today was paperwork. Jia is pretty fussy in the mornings, I don't know if she wakes up disoriented, not knowing where she is or what. But this AM we spent an hour probably fussing and unhappy. But the girl loves to go! As soon as we start putting stuff in our bag, she's all happy and following us everywhere! She is still such a good eater and has begun to feed herself in the last day or 2.
Each day more and more personality is emerging. I think she's has a tiny bit of OCD too! She just cracks me up! At breakfast yesterday, after wiping her hands she was wiping the high chair tray and she was meticulous about it. She spent a lot of time getting one corner of the tray very clean! Tonight she dropped some rice on her tray and picked up each grain of rice and flung it back in the bowl. She doesn't like her hands dirty or things on her clothes, but she does wipe her nose with the back of her hand... she will totally fit in with her brothers!
There are 7 families now that the others have joined us after getting their daughters in their other provinces. So today we met in Molly's hotel room to fill out all the paperwork for the consulate. Only one parent had to do this, but Jack isn't fond of paperwork and Jia won't leave my side, so all 3 of us went. Jia was the only child there and it took 2 full hours. She stood right at my knees the entire time and kept looking at my paperwork, almost like she was making sure I did it right! She was so incredibly good! She just stood there watching me and every once in a while she'd thumb through the stack of papers. I just can't tell you how good this girl is!
Anyway, we had supper in our hotel dining room and then took a walk. It was on our walk that we figured out a sure fire way to get smiles. They have been very few and far between and totally random. We had no idea if she would laugh or cry at us. But tonight I lifted her high in the air and said "Wheeeeeee" and she got the biggest grin on her face! Every time after that she would grin great big. I think Jack was able to get a couple of pictures of her smiling.... it's so precious.
She is just such a joy and so, so good. She's perfect! Tomorrow, we're going to attend the church on the island. Jenny, from Jenny's place, invited us and she's excited we're going! Then Monday night, our group is planning to take a dinner cruise and see the lights of Guangzhou. Tuesday is totally free and Wednesday we're meeting to take the official 'red couch' photo at the White Swan. Then we'll go to the consulate and take the 'oath'. Not sure what all that entails, but if it's like everything else, no big deal. We just will be able to pick up Jia's Visa. Then we're taking the 9AM train on Thursday back to Hong Kong. We'll spend the night near the airport on Lantau then leave Friday at 8AM! We go back through Japan, then Minneapolis and on to KC. 3 of the other families are on our same flights all the way to MN, so that will be nice. We arrive in KC at 5ish... so 8AM to 5PM, plus the 13 hour time difference.... you get the picture! We'll be so tired!
Anyway... not much happening the next few days. But we'll continue to work on those smiles and keep you all posted! Thanks so much for all your comments. It really helps to feel connected to home. We truly do enjoy reading them each morning when we wake! Keep them coming!
Good night!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Another day closer to touching
American soil. I loved the smiles
also. Looks like she has one of Jack's traits,Lefty!! She sure puts
that pencil in her left. They say lefty's bond so it won't be long she will be in Jack's lap. I loved all the pic's,take care, both. Love
from Grandma Sugar

lildebbie44 said...

Joy and Jack,
Oh My!!! What precious smiles. And it's official, she IS a lefty! How sweet. That's perfect though, I'll bet she's going to be wrapped around her daddy's lil finger before long, if not already anyway. :)

X0X0X0X0's for Jia
Debbie Harrington

Renea Lynch said...

Her smile is precious. I thought of you this morning and what a blessing it is to be walking around getting done what needs to be done and enjoying free time as well. I just finished reading another friend's blog/notes on how they traveled to China and ended up quarantined. It's not pretty. :( So glad you didn't have to deal with anything like that. God is watching you. And soon He'll bring you home to your boys. :) Thanks for the posts. I'm enjoying looking at Jia every morning. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree Joy it is nice to check in on you all and how things are going.I bet Jack was glad she is going to be A lefty those smiles from her are so precious and the ones from you guys are just as precious she is A very lucky girl to have you both for Parents

Thompson Family said...

Jack and Joy,

There have been alot of tears of Joy shed back here at PEA. We are all so happy for you and your family. We can't wait to meet Jia. You are in our prayers. Sydney and Ella enjoyed seeing your pictures the other night.

DR T and Beth

Anonymous said...

I have been showing the kids new pics everyday, they will be excited to see her smile we can't wait to meet her.
love ya
Jeff and Steph