Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday in HongKong

Let's start at the beginning. This is on our flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong. We sat right about the wing... Jacen check out how long it is! And Jory, can you see that we're higher than the clouds?
THIS... is the view from our hotel!
I need one of these to finish drying my pants!

We got up and had a wonderful breakfast then walked to the Star Ferry Pier. We rode the ferry to the Hong Kong side. This is taken from the ferry looking towards HK.

Another from the ferry towards HK

Once we got to HK, we took a taxi to the Victoria's Peak Tram Station.
This is while we're waiting in line for the tram... here it comes!

On the way up! It is so steep that the floors are slanted for those who stand! At one point it was so steep, that it hurt your neck. You could feel the strain to just hold your head up!

Once we got off... looking back down.

One view from the top. Looking back towards Kowloon.

Once at the top, there's an entire shopping area, walking trails and lots of gorgeous flowers. I saw this up there and thought of cousin John!

It is soooooooooooooo hot and humid here. My straightner wouldn't work this AM, not that it would've helped. The humidity is reaking havoc on my hair... making it so curly that even my curls have ringlets. UGH! Hate it.
From the top of the peak...

Jack from the top...

This is the sky tower that is at the top of the peak. We were on the top of this taking pictures.

Here's inside as we were walking back down.

Another view down, you can see the Disneyland HK ticket counter at the bottom!

Some of the flowers up there....

This butterfly was huge. It felt like a bird flying by.

Inside the Galleria shopping center at the top of the peak.

PR... here's one for you!

Children playing in the fountain... it was tempting!

After Victoria's Peak, we still had plenty of time left to do something else. We hopped in a cab and went over to Lantau Island for Ngong Ping 360. We had seen this when we come in from the airport and thought it looked cool! So we went for it!

Taking off....

On our way... it actually takes you between like 5 mountain tops. Then you end up at a monestary and a little shopping area and there's a huge statue of buddah.
This was our first glimpse of buddah. You could walk all the way up to him, but we passed.

Looking back from our cart... where we just come from!

Ahhhhhh.... we were soooo glad to see this sign! This is home for now!

We had a very busy day! We are so tired and hungry. We skipped lunch, but it was to hot to eat anyway. We have enjoyed our stay in HK, but look forward to moving on and getting Jia! Just 2 sleeps and a wake!
It all sort of seems unreal... I know we're going to crash when we get home!
Love you all..... JMS


Tammyb said...

Thanks for sharing Joy, love all the pictures, those trams look pretty scarey and really high up! Your getting closer!

Unknown said...

Hi Joy,

I've been reading your great for you!! Wishing you all the best. THAT is the experience of a lifetime and is so amazing. Thinking of you..Connie Heaney