Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

We attended Christ Church this morning and it was really awesome! The service was in Mandarin and English. We didn't understand a LOT of it, but they did sing a couple of songs in English and then the sermon was translated.
About 1/2 way through church, it started just pouring and the wind blew so hard it blew branches out of the trees. By the time church was over, it was just a light sprinkle. So we headed to our end of the island, got Subway on the way and spent the rest of the day inside! We took a big nap and have just looked at books and had a very lazy day.
As always, Jia is such a good eater! She will eat anything and a lot of it! We haven't had any problems feeding the girl at all!
Since it was so rainy, there's not much to share today. We did get a picture of Jia before church in one of the little dresses that I made for her... it's huge on her, but still cute. The other pictures are from last night. I got out some stickers that I brought for Jia and it didn't take her long to figure them out! She was peeling the backs off and throwing them on the floor, then stuck the stickers all around the end table. She did this for at least 30-40 minutes... just completely entertaining herself! She is just such a little doll.
We got a few more smiles today, but today was rough for her because she likes to GO! This AM was better... didn't seem to take over 5 minutes to get woke up and stop crying. Everyday is better and better. she is such a good little girl and is picking up so many new things. Today we were eating on the bed and I picked up some crumbs and put them on the towel... she kept doing that after I did. It was cute!
We are so entirely thankful to have been able to take it day by day and to be almost done here. It's really lovely and we've enjoyed our stay, but we're ready to be home! Tomorrow (Monday) we don't anything going on until the dinner cruise in the evening. So hopefully the rain will stay away so we can visit the park and do some shopping. I also want to try and get pictures of the island for you all to see.
A note to all my blogger friends... since blogger is blocked, I cannot see your blogs and I'm hoping all is well with you! I'm especially wondering about little Lucey Lu! Jia reminds me so much of her, especially when she grins!
And my work friends... I've heard from Stephanie and Dr. T and Beth... I hope the rest of you are just too busy at work to leave a comment! I hope things are going well, but that you still need an optician in a few weeks! You should see all the cool glasses people here wear. Especially the guys! They are all so trendy and cool looking! I'm so proud of them for choosing such stylish eyewear! I wish people in Missouri would catch on!
Thanks for all your comments! We enjoy waking up to them each day!
I hope to have more pictures tomorrow...


csloan said...

Hi Joy and Jia,
I've really enjoyed reading your blog!!! Jia is so cute!!!!! You can tell she has really taken to you Joy. At that age they are pretty adaptable and she looks like she is transitioning great. What a blessing for her and for your family. We can't wait to meet her!!! I'm sure the boys will have her spoiled in no time. Enjoy the journey and keep us up to date on your blog. May God be with you and bless you and your family.
Carol and Dr S

Anonymous said...

Hello Joy,Jack & Jia,
I have followed you day by day, I have enjoyed your blog so much. It is just like reading a story book that you can't put down.
You have a beautiful little blessing from the Lord above. Enjoy every minute. Amy M.