Friday, June 19, 2009

Saturday AM in Hong Kong

We've just finished breakfast and I'm sitting here waiting for my family to get on Skype before we take off for the day. I'm also waiting for my hair to dry... literally. The humidity is 70% here. I washed out my capri's in the sink yesterday... the nylon little excersize ones... that should dry quickly... still drenched!

It's about 8:30 AM here and we have plans to take the Star Ferry to the Hong Kong side and ride the tram up Victoria's Peak. There's also HK Park and a Botanical Garden right there, so I hope to get lots of pretty pictures. However, if you look at HK on the weather map, there's a big red swirl over it!

Last night we just stayed in and ordered room service... fish for Jack and I had amazing Macaroni Cabonara. The ice-cream was wonderful, probably the best I'd ever had... but the chocolate brownie was deceiving! This moringin we had eggs, sausage, hashbrowns and waffles! VERY GOOD! Lunch today will have to be out though... so cross your fingers!

I thought I'd go ahead and fill you in on the people we met from our agency! I noticed Sarah W. is following along - HI SARAH! So I wanted her to read this especially! While we were boarding the plane in MN, I noticed a guy coming down the isle with a name tag on that said CHSFS so I grabbed him and introduced ourselves. He was taking a group of Korean adoptees on a hertiage tour. We visited for a while and he was so kind. We kept running into him and when we were in Japan he offered to let us stay with his group so we weren't all alone trying to find our way around. Again... very kind! We went on, but as we were in line checking into our hotel, we were visiting with a guy from Austin Texas. He was on his way to Vietnam to visit his brother who was becoming a priest. I told him the reason for our trip and a lady behind me grabbed me and said "I heard about you!" She was with the CHSFS group, she's the head of the Korean program and was going on the heritage tour as well. We visited with her for a long time and the guy again as well. I didn't even realize they had all come to the same hotel and were behind us. Anyway, the entire group gave us their well wishes. We seen the gentleman from the plane the next morning as we were waiting for the shuttle for the airport. It was just really cool to see people from our agency, and even though they had nothing to do with our trip, or the delay, they were willing to take care of us!
I better go... rain looks like it's on the way and I really want to see some stuff today!
More later..... JMS

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