Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Flower Pot

This is the story of my new flower pot....
A couple of weeks ago, Jack raced at Winston Speedway for the first time this season. I believe the story goes... he was passing for 1st in his heat race and the motor blew up!
Here's a picture of this years car.

This is a couple of days later, Jack has all the motor parts laid out before him, examining the damage!

What's those round things called? Ummm... I'm not sure but this is what their supposed to look like.

Here's one from the motor...

And yet another one... Oh, they're pistons! I just asked Jack!
Anyhoo, they're not supposed to be all chewed up like this! :-)

And this is called a 'cam' (?) It's supposed to be one piece, not two!

The block is also ruined and chewed up and while he was working on it in the garage, I got to eyeing it and thought it would make a fabulous flower pot! I think it would be sort of ironic, his dirty, icky, blown up motor... with my pretty, dainty and girly flowers planted in it! The perfect example of the 2 of us! LOL!
So that's the plan! When we return from China, we're going to put the motor block in front of the garage and I'm going to plant flowers in it! That will be another post!
Now just to let you all know... any avid racer has a spare! So Jack was back on the track this last weekend and got 4th in the feature! Yeah! Not bad for an actual first feature race this year! He's racing this Saturday and I'm skipping Covenant Couples to go cheer him on! Then he'll have to set out a couple of weeks while we're in China. We return July 3rd and of course there's a big race for the 4th of July. Will Jack be there? Stay tuned.....

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