Monday, June 15, 2009

Lengthy Update!

Here's what I've been up to! 2 sleeps and a wake!

Last week my mom and I made a new fountain for my yard. I had one like this, only covered in river rock.
Unfortunately, it sits near by the basketball goal and had been hit so many times most of the rocks were falling off. So when I decided to make a new one, I wanted to try something different.
We had a lot of fun going through the thrift store looking for glass to break!
Saturday night Jack and I skipped Covenant Couples and planned to go racing. About 2 they called the races off because the pits were too muddy. Since we didn't have arrangements for a sitter so we could go to CC, we decided to celebrate one last time as a family of 5. We ended up going bowling and getting a pizza.
It was a really great evening and one we all enjoyed!

Jory showing off his teeth... or lack thereof!

He wanted to sit in Jia's new carseat on the way to the bowling alley!

Here's the latest dress I've made for Miss Jia. It's the pillowcase style.
And as if I don't have enough to do already... I bought red,white and blue fabric to make another one before we leave, hopefully! Since we get home July 3rd, I thought she needed something special for the 4th! I haven't been able to find anything I just love and for what an outfit costs, I could just by fabric and make something I love... So that's my hope!

Okay... Here's just a small, small portion of the clothes I've bought over the last 3 years. These are some of my favorites! Enjoy!

She's going to have to change 3 times a day to get the chance to wear everything I've collected for her!

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