Monday, June 29, 2009

Going on Dinner Cruise... talk to you later....


The Tucker Troops said...

Jia is soooo beautiful! Lucey is right here with me and loves to look at the pictures. She can say Jia. Which is amazing since she doesn't talk all that much. She can't even say her own name. :-P Have a great time on the cruise!!!!
I hope the boys are doing well!


LoriK said...

What a beautiful smile! You are making an impact...We miss your smile at work. Savannah wants to go see her Canada man Sept 5-12. Are you going to be able to cover that part time? A taste of reality when we talk schedules. I love reading your notes. The cruise sounds relaxing. Hope you all come back well rested.

Anonymous said...

i miss you and dad too much :(
come home now!!
love youuuuuuu
child #1