Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Would You Do??

Conan O'Brien told NBC good riddance Thursday in a $45 million deal for his exit from "The Tonight Show," allowing Jay Leno to return to the late-night program he hosted for 17 years.
Hmmm... what would I do with 45 million dollars?  It really irritates me when so much money is wasted on such trivial things.  Especially at this paticular time when the devastation in Haiti is so tremendous.  I watch very little TV, and never am I up late enough to catch a late show.  But I can't imagine any of them being worth 45 million dollars.
Back to my original question... what would you do with 45 million dollars?  Oh, I think you all know what I would do.  How many people could that help?  What a difference that amount of money, or even a portion of it, could make to places like Haiti.  How many people are still left displaced from the Thai tsumani or Hurricane Katrina.  Why aren't we hearing more about them?  Disaster is over, we no longer care about the people still in need.  Or is it just not newsworthy any longer?  How many people could finally realize their dreams of adoption with that money.  How different would the world be if $45,000,000 was spent on helping others.
Specifically, I think first I'd take care of any debt I have.  Put some aside to live on.  (How many people have you heard about that have won the lottery, spent it unwisely and are now broke?)  Then I would start traveling with checkbook in hand, and my family in tow. 
Let me know what you would do with 45 million!

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Renea Lynch said...

Amen Sistah!!!!! Things like this just urk me!

I'd pay my house off, get a decent car (that's a no-brainer if people know my car!), pay for my kids college educations and then start adoption proceedings! Find others who are adopting that need money, go on missions trips and provide food and shelter to those who need it. Build schools in impoverished countries and provide all the children possible an education and new books, and new Bibles. Set up medical clinics where they could get proper medications when necessary. Dig wells and provide clean water for villages. Find orphanages with children that have special needs and pay for more staff to provide the special care and attention the kids need.... wow... I need a bigger comment box. Are you getting the jist of it? ;) lol.... and I know you'd be right there traveling with me! Cuz I'd pay for that too!!!