Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Jia!!

We have decided to wait a couple of weeks before celebrating Jia's birthday with family and friends.  I really want a seperation between Christmas and her birthday... at least this first year.  I want her to know she's celebrating something different.
Anyway, on her birthday, we had her favorite for supper... speghetti.  Jack and I had not discussed supper plans, but I know how much Jia likes speghetti, so that's what I was planning to make.  I went to the grocery store after work to get some cupcakes and I called Jack to let him know.  I told him I was planning to have speghetti for supper and his reply was, "better hurry or it's going to be cold."  I asked him how he knew that's what we were having and he said because it's Jia's favorite!
I thought it was sweet that he's as in tune to her as me and wanted to fix her favorite on her birthday!

Hmmmm.... My favorite!

She learned quick to 'slurp'

We usually have to do a load of laundry immediately after speghetti...

And take a bath!

Birthday cupcakes

Blowing out the candles

Mmmmm.... frosting

Such a happy girla!

so good we want to get every last nibble...

So good, we're gonna have another....

The frosting is definately the best part


Who knew she could be so adorable at eating cupcakes??

Licking more frosting off...

Oh, those big brown eyes....

I think she's pretty well cleaned the top off of this one.

Guess which ones Jia ate?

Check back soon for party pictures!


Jan said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!! Looks like you enjoyed your day!!!

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday Jia!! I hope she had a wonderful birthday and I'm glad you got to celebrate her birthday with her!

Mark has some tests today and then we find out the results tomorrow. I would love to see you and talk soon. Pray for good results!


Renea Lynch said...

Glad the princess had a great birthday. Her spaghetti face is priceless.