Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pondering Small Miracles

Today my sweet little girl turns 4. 
It's hard to write a post about her birthday, and I've been putting it off.  As joyous as it is, it's also very sad.  How can you celebrate her birth, and not think of her birthmother.  Last night as I laid in bed to go to sleep, I thought of the 13 hour time difference between she and I.  For it was then, her daughters birthday.  I wonder if she remembered it?  I wonder if she was thinking of her.  I thought of circumstances surrounding Jia's birth.  Was there joy?  What name did she whisper in her ear?  Does Jia still carry that inside her heart? 
I truly know the meaning of 'bittersweet' now.  I grieve for the life she's left behind, the mother that gave birth to her and never knew what happened to her, for us missing out on her first 3 years.  But I'm eternally grateful for the future we have with her and for the small miracles that have brought her to us.  I just think it would be awesome to look down from above and see the events strung together to put her in my arms!  I'm positive my finite little brain couldn't comprehend it all!
Tonight we will celebrate with Jia's favorite 'speghetti' and cupcakes!  We will ponder those small miracles.  We will celebrate not only Jia but her birthmother, and most especially, we will celebrate God for His goodness, loving kindness and favor He has shown us.

Love at 1st Sight

My Oh My how she's grown and changed!

Jia was a bit 'overwhelmed' at all the Christmas gifts and the girl is absolutely lacking 'nothing' so we're waiting a few weeks to celebrate her birthday with family.  Check back for party pictures at the end of the month!


trina said...

She is absolutely beautiful!! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Renea Lynch said...

Truly bittersweet. :) But I bet her birthmother, in dreaming of a better life for her, never dreamed it would be as wonderful as it is Jia was blessed with a loving Christian family and as much as we say she is a blessing to us, she was truly given a gift from God of a perfect family for her. So happy for you all! Give her kisses and hi-fives from us! xoxo

Oh, and I meant to share with you the other day I found out that the Chinese meaning of abandon is totally opposite from our english translation. Here it's leaving, giving away of sorts. In China it's like blessing with new and better beginnings. Pretty cool huh?

The Tucker Troops said...

Hi Joy----A big Happy Birthday to Jia!!! I soooo understood your post and you said it beautifully. I'm praying for Jia's birth mother that she has the Peace that passes all Understanding knowing Jia is loved and well cared for by such a beautiful family. Jia has changed so adorable. Enjoy your dinner and cupcakes!