Thursday, January 21, 2010

Help Us Help Haiti

Well Joint Heirs Adoption Minstry is at it again!  Things slowed a bit during the holidays, but we're not going anywhere!  The earthquake in Haiti has caused us to rise up and do what we can to help orphans.
One of my partners, Renea, spent time in Haiti last summer and found many friends and family there.  You can imagine how heartbreaking the TV news stories are to her.  While there, she had the priviledge to visit Canaan Orphanage and the children there left a lasting impression on her.  So we have decided to do what we can to raise funds to help provide relief to The Orphanage Called Canaan.  You may have noticed the 'chip in' box to the right. I hope you can add to it.
Another way you can help is through Scentsy!  Yes, those wonderful wickless candles that are all the rave!  I have one in my home and bought another for my mom for Christmas!  They smell OH SO GOOD and are entirely safe to have in your home!  The wonderful Scentsy rep in our community has a link on her website where you can order the candles and part of the profits will go to JHAM Haiti Relief.  Just visit Brenda Warners Scentsy site and find the Haiti Fundraiser link on the left!  Order yourself up a good smelling candle and while you're there, order another for someone you love.  Valentines day is coming up you know!  I highly recommend the Snowberry and Satin Sheets!
 Remember, all money raised will go to Canaan Orphanage.  You can read more about our fundraising efforts on the Joint Heirs Adoption Minsitry blog and see photo's from Renea's time in Haiti and at Canaan.  Even photographs she took at the wedding of one of the workers there!  Don't hesitate to check it out.
If you're unable to help financially, please put Haiti on your prayer list, if you haven't already.

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