Monday, January 25, 2010

Jia's Birthday Party

We finally celebrated this girls birthday!  We've been telling her ever since her actual birthday (Jan 7) that her party was  coming.  It was so hard for her to wait!
But, alas, the big day arrived!

I made the cake, but did something wrong.  Jack and I watched it all Saturday night and it kept leaning, and leaning and leaning....
I thought I better get her picture with it quick because I didn't know if it would still be standing by the time her party rolled around.

Party time! 
My friend Renea made the little outfit for her!  She sells homemade clothing at Pish Posh Tots, so go check it out!  She usually doesn't have much on hand because when people come in to her photography studio, they end up buying the outfits!  But you can certainly let her know what you want!

Blowing out 4 candles!

 Mom and Dad serving up cake...

Jacen and his friend Bryce were a huge help with the party!  They helped me set up the tables and chairs and blow up balloons before hand.  Then they helped pass out cake.  They were joking that they were practicing their waiter skills for when they were older.

Lots of family and friends turned out to help Jia celebrate!

Oh, she just couldn't wait to get into those presents!

Whew!  Finally!  She totally ripped into them grabbing tissue paper with both hands and throwing it over her head.  I had to stop her to get the cards first so we could thank people!

Loves Tink!

Having a moment with mommy...

Grandma made her this sweatshirt dress with her 1 2 3's and A B C's on it! 

Oh, she just can't wait to get into these.

Oh how I love this girl!

Jia and her loot!  I think she came out all right!

Anma, Momma and Jia!

So was entirely wore out at the end of the day!

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