Saturday, January 16, 2010

Owies, Invitations and Goodbye!

Jia got her first big owie the other night.  She was running through the living room and tripped and hit her chin on the coffee table.  It wasn't a deep gash, but wide.  So we called our friend Bethany who's an EMT to get advice on stitches or not.  She brought up some steri strips and just taped her back together.  Thanks Bethany!

Jia's Big Owie

I posted earlier about having Jia's birthday party in a couple of weeks.  We're going with a ladybug theme and I seen these invitations on Etsy.  So with the help of my wonderful friend Renea's circle cutters she had from her scrapbooking days, these were really pretty simple to whip out!

And of course I had some help!

My Oh My!!!  We used Jia's chop from China for the return address on the envelopes and she continued to play in the ink a bit!

Here's a finished ladybug!  Jack and I visited Hobby Lobby last week to get the supplies for these.  And God bless him, I don't think he had any idea what he was in for, but he hung right in there with me... through the entire store.... every isle!

These would've been nicer had they been printed, but hey... by the time I lined it all out to fit in the circle and such, I had them hand wrote!

Now about the goodbye... I'm going out of town for a few days for work and tonight will be the first time for Jia to go to sleep without her momma.  I'm a little anxious about how she will do.  She only wants momma to rock her at night.  But she and dad always do great when I'm not here, so I think she'll be a little trooper and be fine! 
I'm totally paranoid about Jack handling everything, but it will be good for him!  I laid out church clothes and school clothes and he'll have Jacen and Jory to tell him how everything happens!  I know he can do it!  He took a week off work to stay home with the kids, so he's ready to go!  Keep him in your prayers!

We also had our 6 month Post Placement Homestudy this week and I took a picture of Jia with Kisha our Social Worker, but I'm afraid I deleted it!  I'll have to try again when Kisha comes in June since that will be our last visit with her.  She's been great and we always enjoy seeing her.  I think she's always amazed at the changes in Jia when she comes and this time Jia took her by the hand and showed her her room and stuff.  Really sweet!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Aimee and Cary said...

I love the invites, Joy, and oh, did Jia have a little too much fun with the ink pad?? Yikes!
Poor girl.. her chin looks painful!
Thinking and praying for you and Jack as you travel and he's with Jia- I haven't ventured down that road either; Caiya only wants Mommy to put her to bed at night.

Renea Lynch said...

The bugs turned out great!!! They're adorable! ;) And you should have said something, I had eyelet supplies and tools too.. lol

Been thinking of Jack, I'm sure they are all doing great. You'll just have a mess to clean lol! That's the way mine always ends up if I'm gone.

Drive safe coming home! Miss you!

The Tucker Troops said...

Now that is a very big owie and made me wince. Yikes! I'm sure it is healing. I love the creative. I love that she is a big "helper." Too cute! She is so adorable.