Tuesday, January 26, 2010

7 Months!

We recently celebrated 7 months with Jia!  I think the video says it all!  Remember... all paperwork and updates we had on Jia pre-adoption called her shy, introverted and afraid of strangers.  In China, this girl screamed if anyone touched her besided her momma.  In fact, the kind man at the notary office just spoke to her and she screamed!
A day or two before we left China, I remember our guide coming to us with great concern written on her face asking us if we felt we should ask more questions about Jia or have a doctor look at her because she never heard her talk or seen her away from momma.  Jack and I had already seen bits and pieces of Jia coming out in our hotel and knew all was well!  Oh how I wish Molly could see her now!
And the family we shared most of our days with in China... I remember sitting my Jeff with Jia on my lap and he was talking to her.  She of course had her head down, but was tolerating him.  Then he reached over and touched her hand and the flood gates opened!  Now she would probably talk his leg off!
I just can't get over the resilence of this girl and words can never express how much we love her, how proud of her we are and how very blessed we feel to be her parents!

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Renea Lynch said...

I can only imagine the joy she must bring to your life everyday because she's pretty awesome in our book too!!! I went back and looked at your posts and pics from June when you picked her up and how scared she was and closed off. And look at her now!?! Just goes to show you what a little love can do! ♥

Anonymous said...

What a super star!