Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I was browsing Ehow for some information and found this article on 'how to be a good friend'.  Hmmm... it's interesting you can go to the internet to find out how to be a good friend.  So incase anyone needs a reminder... Here are the instructions.  Also interesting is that the difficulty rating is: EASY!

Difficulty: Easy
Step 1Keep in touch. We all lead busy lives. Send an email. Send a postcard. Meet your friend for lunch.

Step 2Don't gossip about your friend. While with your friend, don't gossip about other friends. You don't want your friend wondering what you say about her when she is not around.

Step 3Celebrate your friend's success. Has your friend lost 20 pounds? Congratulate her-and buy her a new pair of jeans!

Step 4Listen to your friend. Don't do all the talking.

Step 5Never insult your friend. Maybe your friend is a lousy cook, but her house is immaculate. Focus on your friend's positive traits, not her negative ones.

Step 6Apologize to your friend. We all do and say dumb things. If you offend your friend, simply say, "I'm sorry."

Step 7Help your friend. Is your friend a stressed-out single mother? Offer to babysit once a week to give to your friend a break. If you see your friend struggling, offer to lend a helping hand.

Step 8Respect your friend. Is your friend a nonsmoker? Don't light up a cigarette in her car!

Step 9Be approachable. Let your friends know they can talk to you about anything-anytime.

Step 10Be honest. Did your friend get a new hairstyle that you hate? Has she asked you how it looks? Be honest without being insulting. Find something nice to say about it. Perhaps you like the color.

Step 11Don't judge. Has a friend confided in you that she wants to get a divorce? Point out what the Bible has to say about divorce. Then, let your friend decide if she's traveling down the right road.

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The Tucker Troops said...

Thank you for the reminder, Joy... I need to be a better friend. I've been caught up in my circumstances and I tend to retreat...with Ron gone all the time and making new friends every two years because we move. There are girls I need to call and check in with.

How was your trip? I've been thinking about you and with Jack on the homefront. I hope you blog about it.

Welcome home!
(I left some notes for you on the posts below...better late than never)