Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jack Rocks!

I told you we went to Acquire the Fire this last weekend and just like any other event you may go to, they sell Tshirts, hoodies, books, CD's, necklaces, scarves, bags, etc....
On Friday, I spotted this really adorable bag. I don't really need a bag, and for me, it's too big for a purse. But it was so cute! Well, Friday we talked about needs vs. wants. This adorable little bag fell into the 'want' pile for me.
I kept seeing this little bag all day on Saturday and kept commenting on how cute it was and how I thought it would be a cute little diaper bag for Jia. Yes, I know that Jia turned 3 in January. But most likely she will still be in diapers and there's just 'stuff' we'll need to carry around for a while! But I didn't give in a buy it.
So it's about 9:30 PM Saturday night and we're waiting to leave. People are making their last minute bathroom stops before we get on the bus and we are literally fixin' to leave KC. Well, I couldn't find Jacen. I was afraid he'd gone on to the bus. So Jack wondered off, I figured to look around for him. Well, turns out Jacen was right where he should've been, with the group. He was just tired and not making any noise!
So Jack comes back and stands next to me and we're on ready to go. I keep bouncing back and forth in my head, should I go get the bag? Should I not? Do I really need it? Will there be any left? Will I regret it if I don't? Will I never see anything as cute as this bag and always be sorry? Well, I voiced my thoughts and asked Jack "Do you think we should just go 'look' at the bag before we go?" Jack said "This bag?" and held up the bag he had just bought for me when I thought he was looking for Jacen.
All the girls were Ohhhhing and Ahhhhing over how sweet he was! He really played that right! No, all sarcasm aside, it was entirely sweet and I truly appreciated it! It was so kind of him to go buy it for me and surprise me with it rather than discouraging me from getting it or even giving me the money to go get it myself. I was really touched! It will always be Jia's bag that daddy bought for her at ATF!
Isn't it cute?

The inside is red polka dots to match my blog!


The Tucker Troops said...

I love the bag! What a great guy that Jack is! I know Jia will love the bag too. :-) You will feel good when carrying it around--it's special.


PS--I see that we may have some things in common--Love for Jesus! we are also in the midwest and will be moving to KC in a few months. I don't want to be too forward but I noticed that our daughters may have a similar "look" about them ;-).

The Tucker Troops said...

Oh--I forgot to mention--3 boys!

Melinda said...

Love the bag--It will probably be great to carry around essentials in China!!

Melinda said...

Love the Bag--will probably be great to carry essentials around in China!!