Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

My dad turned 67 February 25th. Since my brother is a truck driver, we usually have our celebrations on the weekends. So after church on Sunday, we went to my parents to have lunch with them and my brother, Rob.
Jory took my camera and was snapping pictures. I thought a few (of the thirty+ that he took) were pretty cool. It's fun to see what Jory was seeing and what he wanted to get pictures of. Usually I find my camera full of pictures of our cat, the TV with Spongebob on (lots of those), Jory's toy cars and trucks lined up on his dresser, lots of pictures of his teeth, up his nose, etc...
But here are a few he took today!

This is of my mom's and my brother's arm, with Rob's bowl of vegetable soup.
It just looks artsy to me!

Here's my Dad's legs under the table!

My Dad taking a drink of his iced tea.

And finally one of me!

Like I said, my brother owns and drives his own semi. I've also mentioned in previous posts how terribly he spoils my boys and always has something for them. Well, today was no different. He said he had 'playdough' in his truck for Jacen and Jory. Well, this isn't exactly the kind of 'playdough' I was imagining. It makes 'sounds' if you catch my drift... I said "I have never seen anything like this before" and my dad replied "well, you don't shop at a truckstop". True! 'Nuff said!
Here's a little video of Jory and Uncle Rob, playing with the 'playdough'!!!

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