Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr. Olswing

Today was Dr. Olswings birthday so I made Pioneer Womans cake balls for the occasion!
Grant it they don't look nearly as adorable as PW,
but they tasted very good!

To make the cake balls, first you make a cake! After it's baked and cooled, you crumble it up and mix in a tub of frosting. Then refridgerate it until it's firm enough to roll into balls. I did this last weekend and then froze my cake balls.
PW used a little plastic candy mold to make hers.. well here in N Mo, those aren't readily available... so I used my mini muffin tin. Rather than them being bite size... they require 2 bites!
Here are the cake balls after being put in the chocolate in the mini muffin tins.

Next you dip them in the white chocolate, sprinkle some sprinkles on them and top with an M&M.

When Dr. Olswing walked in and seen them on her desk she squealed "ARE THESE BAKARELLA'S?" Apparently, I"m not the only PW follower in our office!
I think she liked them! Happy Birthday!

Check back tomorrow to see the contents of a special package I got in the mail today!


Melinda said...

Those look beautiful and yummy!

Lesley said...

I LOVED them (and Andrew did too!)!! Joy you are amazing!!