Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cool T's....

Hey I just found this site for cool Christian T Shirts! Wild Olive Tees!
I LOVE Christian T shirts with a message... that's what I wear. Totally a jeans and Tshirt kind of gal!
What's even better... when you buy a Tshirt, 10% goes to charity!
Buy a Tshirt and GIVE all at once! Each month is a new charity and this month is Shohannah's Hope. It doesn't get much better than that!
If you buy before the end of March not only do you get a cool T and free shipping... but you help support Shohannah's Hope as well!
So go buy a T and Get Your Verse On!
Oh, and if you don't need a Tshirt, I'll take an XL please ( I like mine loose!) - any style!

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Amie said...

Thank you for posting and sportin' our Wild Olive Tees button!
You have been entered into our giveaway!

Blessings on your journey to your daughter!

Have a Blessed Day!