Sunday, March 1, 2009

ATF 2009

This weekend end, Jack, Jacen and I attended Acquire the Fire at Kemper Arena in KC. This was my 5th AFT event and Jack and Jacen's 2nd. We've also bought our tickets for next year already! Our seats, once again, were the 4th and 5th row from the stage, center section.
You couldn't ask for better seats, but I could've asked for better bands this year! Unhindered led worship again and I think that they're awesome! Friday night we seen Leeland. I really like them as well. We seen them open for Casting Crowns last year. I was excited for Jacen to see Leeland, because the lead singer has that 'skater' look to him.
But Saturday was Everyday Sunday... not too bad, but not my thing. The lead singer was obviously not feeling well and cut their session short. God bless him, he did great and gave it his all, but you could just tell he was miserable. Then Thousand Foot Crutch took the stage. Sorry! Too much head banging. Although the kids like it and that's what ATF is all about, so there you go! I lived! It will be very hard for ATF to beat their 08 event with the 'BEMA' drama and the Newsboys! That was my favorite year of all!
So anyway, we leave our town, about 1 and 1/2 hours from KC. It's calling for 5 inches on snow at home and just a 'dusting' in KC.... As you can tell by the picture, the opposite happened! Not a bit of snow in N MO!

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