Monday, May 18, 2009


After much craziness and stress... graduation is now behind us!
I think God knew I couldn't deal with graduation knowing I had my TA and needed to be packing for China... and He's probably right. So I think this will be the week! Purely speculation... but bring it on! Now I'm ready!
I paid for professional photo's of Jadeth getting his diploma, so I set back and enjoyed the ceremony. I'll post those when we get them!
Here he is lined up to get his diploma and giving my dad a high 5 as he walks by!

The reception was so awesome... and crazy! I realized at the end we hadn't even taken pictures! We didn't even get one together with his cap and gown. That's a little sad, but we enjoyed ourselves so much we just didn't even think about it.

Here's Jack, Jadeth and I. Jory and Jacen were off playing and we didn't even get a family photo! Jory and Jacen were SO good the entire day! I didn't ever have to get onto them. I just couldn't have asked for better behaved boys.... that day anyway! :-)

Oh The Place's You'll Go!

Jadeth at his cake table...

Here's the cake! I worked so hard on it! I think it came out great! Many people asked me where I ordered it from! Oh, and can you spot the ladybug? A little self induced good luck!

I had a lady come up to me and whisper... "Who did your cupcakes?" I was so proud to say... "I DID!"

And here's the biggest hit of the day... CAKEBALLS! I was serving cake and someone came up and asked for one of the famous cake balls! Seriously! 1/2 an hour into the reception and word had already gotten around!

Thanks to everyone who showed up, sent a card, said a prayer, paid a visit... now and for the last 18 years. You are much loved and appreciated! Please keep Jadeth in your prayers and he takes this giant leap forward and decides what to do with his future!
This summer will involve working at the pool and trying to decide on college.

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Melinda said...

The desserts looked incredible!! Praying for your TA!!