Thursday, May 21, 2009


Okay, not what I wanted to hear. But God bless my China co-ordinater... she's on the ball!
I finally broke down and sent her an email regarding our TA... or lack there of. She had already checked on it for us. Here's her response....

Dear Joy, thanks for your patience. (I loved that part!) Guess what, I did check with CCAA through our China liaison yesterday about your process. I knew it would be very hard for you to wait. CCAA indicated that your paperwork is currently with the main office from which the TA is issued. They did not tell when the TA will be mailed out but confirmed that yours is there for sure. I personally believe CCAA is on-hold from sending out TAs right now but we did receive a batch of TAs on 5/8/09. So let’s keep our fingers crossed with hope.

Guangdong is one of the few provinces that stopped taking the adoption appointment for now. I’ve learned a few weeks ago that one family was quarantined in the White Swan Hotel because they arrived in a flight where a Swine Flu case was confirmed. IF, your TA comes in, we will contact the Guangdong provincial office and US Consulate to check on their schedule no matter what. Fortunately, your fingerprints and CIS approval are both in good place from being expired anytime soon. I’m very sorry I’ll be in touch soon

So there ya go. She did tell us to go ahead and send Jia a 2nd care package, so I'll be doing that ASAP! I'm hanging on.... I reminded myself this very morning that I cannot see the future, but God can. He has a plan and His own timetable. He will not fail me and I have no reason to be discouraged. The wait is unbearable, but so far, I'm able to take it one day at a time and get through.
Check back next week though when I still do not have my TA and see how I am!
Prayers Coveted.... JMS

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