Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank You!!!

Thank You Veteran, Soldier... Thank You God for giving me life in America.
(scroll down to the bottom and shut off music player to hear video)

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The Tucker Troops said...

Hi Joy--I've enjoyed catching up with your blog and all that is going on. I'm praying for you as you wait. I know, the waiting is hard and it's hard to make sense out of it. I was there. I feel what you are feeling. I'm sorry it is taking so long.

The boys and I were watching the video you posted. I was in tears watching it. The memories of three years ago came flooding back. We all remember clearly that day that Ron came Home. He was a Screaming Eagle like the Soldier's in the video. Each and every Soldier made it back. Ron's men and women were combat support for convoys driving the most dangerous roads in Iraq. They were hit by IED's and fired upon about 200 times. Ron prayed with the troops and the other senior officers daily. The prayer support was amazing. The Lord's faithfulness shown through in a big bold way. They gave Glory to God when they returned. Ron returned home and came through the very same hanger as in the video. We watched as the doors slid open and the unit came marching through in formation. Watching for Ron as he brought up the rear. It was so emotional. Thank you for posting the video and for your support of the US troops.

In His Love,