Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today is Thursday May 7th, 2009. It is also the 58th Annual Observance of the National Day of Prayer. It is also day 22 of waiting for our TA (Travel Approval). Our agency has a chart of timelines and the wait time shown for past familes from LOA to TA is 23-38 days.
Someone on RQ shared this devotional and it brings great comfort today...

At Just the Right the Time...

Why is being on time so challenging for some of us? Even when we start early, something inevitably gets in our way to make us late.
But here’s the good news: God is always on time! Speaking of the arrival of Jesus, Paul said, “When the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son” (Gal. 4:4). The long-awaited, promised Savior came at just the right time.
Jesus’ arrival during the Roman Empire’s Pax Romana (the peace of Rome) was perfect timing. The known world was united by one language of commerce. A network of global trade routes provided open access to the whole world. All of this guaranteed that the gospel could move rapidly in one tongue. No visas. No impenetrable borders. Only unhindered access to help spread the news of the Savior whose crucifixion fulfilled the prophecy of the Lamb who would be slain for our sins (Isa. 53). All in God’s perfect timing!
All of this should remind us that the Lord knows what time is best for us as well. If you’re waiting for answered prayer or the fulfillment of one of His promises, don’t give up. If you think He has forgotten you, think again. When the fullness of time is right for you, He’ll show up—and you’ll be amazed by His brilliant timing! —
Joe Stowell
Not ours to know the reason why

Unanswered is our prayer,

But ours to wait for God’s own time

To lift the cross we bear. —Anon.
God’s timing is always perfect.

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