Friday, May 8, 2009

TGIF May 8th

Today God Is First.... I really don't need to say anymore than that.

BUT!!!!!!!! Just to share how good my God is on this lovely rainy Friday....

1. I received an email that our Visa's have been mailed back to us... so no delay with the swine flu on our Visa's! Yippee!!!!!

2. Today is the day that our little Wen was found abandoned. Her birthday is January 7th, but she wasn't abandoned until May 8th. 3 years ago today is the beginning of her journey... Today not only she, but also her birthmom is heavy on my heart.

3. I checked my email today and had this!!!!!

We requested an update through LadyBugsNLove last week and they were wonderful to work with! Thanks Angela and Kelly!!!!

Looks like a soccer player Jadeth!!!!! Every update we received has said a ball is her favorite toy and every picture and video we have, she's holding a ball!

Isn't she adorable and springy looking in her little floral top! Her height and weight haven't changed since our February updates... 80 Cm tall and 10 Kg. BUT!!!! This time we were able to find out how big her foot is! 14.5 Cm!! That's about an 8 or 8 1/2 shoe! I haven't been able to buy shoes yet.... now watch out!

Someone has already learned to 'pout'!!!!

Tonight is Jacen's band concert, I work tomorrow and Sunday is Mothers Day... so I hope I am able to check back in today and let you all know that we received our TA, but if not... See you all Monday! Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless all you mom's and mom's to be!
Remember... Today God Is First!!!!


The Tucker Troops said...

Joy, Jia is beautiful! I am so happy you received updated pictures! What a great Mother's Day Gift. When we received updated info on Lucey, her size did not seem to compute. She was actually 3pounds lighter and much shorter than what they told us. Lucey will be 2 in about three weeks and she only wears a size 5 shoe. I love her little top. Did you send that to her? I never thought to send Lucey clothes. I'm glad your Visas are on the way back to you. I am praying that your TA will arrive soon too!

God's Blessings on your family! Happy Mother's Day, Joy--

Alexis said...

I'm so glad you got some updated pics. She's precious as always. For some reason when I saw her with the ball it looked like she was bowling!

trina said...

Look at her! She's so adorable. I love her. Has that TA arrived???