Friday, January 30, 2009

100th Day of School

Okay, today was the 100th day of school and all the kids had to bring 100 of something. Jory chose to take a 100 piece puzzle to school.

So let me side track a little bit... I'm taking Jacen and Brice (our neighbor boy that rides with us everyday) to the middle school. Then I'm going to take Jory for a doughnut before taking him to his school. So I asked Jory to find my debit card in my purse. I usually just toss my debit card in my purse after using it and can never find it the next time I need it. So I put Jory on this task of locating it. Well he couldn't find it. So I took my wallet out so he could see around better. We eventually passed my purse to Jacen to look, as he can always find it! Well he was taking stuff out and digging around and couldn't find it either. I thought I'd check my wallet by the extremely off chance I put it there... I had. Right where it belongs!

Jacen begins to job of stuffing everything back in my purse when the conversation takes another course. I asked Jory... "Did you get your puzzle in your backpack?" "Yes" was his reply. I look over at him and asked "Did you get your backpack?" No reply... just the guilty look! So my middle punk, knowing it was the 100th day of school, pipes up and say's "That's okay Jory, you can take mom's purse. It has 100 things in it."

How Rude.

Well, now you know why I never answer my cell phone... by the time I find it, it's stopped ringing. I admit, my purse does need cleaned out. It isn't usually this bad, but when you have 3 kids pawning stuff off on you all the time, it's sort of a 'catch all'! Maybe I'll do that today!

Eternally His... JMS

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Marcy said...

So happy to run across your blog! Do you remember me? I sent you the info/video on FY last April.
I am so happy to hear your prayers are being answered!
We accepted a referral of a precious little girl a few weeks ago and are hoping and praying for April travel. Ironically, her Chinese name is Wen, too. Talk about that Red Thread!
Please follow along our journey...I will be watching your blog closely!