Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some catch up...

We had a pretty good snow storm the end of January and Jory was such a little trooper! He 'asked' to go out side and shovel snow! He did such a fabulous job! First he shoveled a path to Jadeth's car so he could go to work, then he shoveled a path for our mail lady!

Why can't he ask to clean the house???

Jacen had his band concert finally. He was scheduled to have it before Christmas but the weather got bad and they postponed it. He's such a little trumpet player! He really rocks! His hair is soooo cool and he just swishes it to the side and looks so adorable!
Apparently his mommy isn't the only one who thinks so as our phone rings non stop! I've had to be down right rude with a couple of little girls. What ever happened to the guy calling the girl when he was interested?

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