Thursday, January 22, 2009

A New Day...

Whew! Probably a good thing yesterday was 'Wordless Wednesday'! After much thought, I am not going to post further about the 'stupid comment' that I shared on Tuesday. It's over, done with, time to move on. It is what it is... Obama is now our President and leader of our country. I will support him and pray for him.

This blog is supposed to be following our adoption journey, so back to that! Unfortunately I have no new news to report on the adoption journey! Our Dossier is currently at the Chinese Consulate in Chicago being authenticated. Once our agency gets it back we will be DTC (Date to China) for a 2nd time! Then we'll get a new LID (log in date) and then the wait begins for our LOA (letter of Acceptance). This is technically our official referral of Wen and then I'm safe for sure to share the full photo of her! Oh you're in for it, because she is so incredibly adorable! I can't wait to share! Ironically, we were contacted about adopting her while I was away at World Changers and...

last night my friend from World Changers emailed me a bunch of pictures from our worksite! I've shared a few photo's of the kids I took, but I didn't ever have my camera at the work site! So I'm excited to be able to share those with you! Enjoy!

Last night we went to Jacen's band concert, so I'll try and get those photo's uploaded to share soon! He is just such an incredible kid! He always has a smile on his face.
Eternally His... -JMS

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