Saturday, August 9, 2008

Noah, What is your favorite....???

I have to tell you about Noah! He was the crew encourager for Drips and Runs. This is what I know of him... He's a young man from Knoxville TN, has that twangy talk, is totally committed to God and his relationship with Jesus Christ, desires to be a youth pastor, his favorite color is orange and he doesn't like Toby Mac. What's up with that? All these wonderful things about Noah, then the bomb... he doesn't like Toby Mac. Oh well, I guess we won't hold that against him!
So many things impressed me about Noah. He was saved in 6th grade and his family is not. He said it makes things uncomfortable between him and his family at times, but he's totally sold out! Noah doesn't know this, but he's changed the world for my sons without even meeting them. I totally want them to be young men so strong in their faith and 100% sold out for Christ. I can honestly say I"ve NEVER met anyone like Noah, who's so young (21) and so committed. It was so refreshing to see a young man more worried about what God thinks of him than the world. It's become my mission to do all I can in molding my sons into such Godly young men. Don't get me wrong, I know this isn't something I alone can do. It was a choice for Noah, his mother didn't do it for him. I know that my sons will need to make that choice as well, but I can pray, I can teach them, I can seek out other Godly young men to mentor them, I can find a youth group that's on fire for God and many other things to help set their course in life.
One thing that Noah shared during our crew chat the last night we were together still gives me chills each time I think about it. Noah quickly made friends with the neighbor directly across the street from the home we were working on, 81 year old Mr. John Y. The first of the week Noah visited him and asked him if he attended church. Later Noah shared that God said to him, "I'm not interested in whether or not he goes to church, I want to know if he know's My Son." (That's the part that gives me chills) The rest of the week went on without much sign from Mr. Y. and Noah was afraid he'd missed his chance to really share the Gospel with him. On Friday, Noah was MIA and we discovered he was over at Mr. Y's visiting. He shared that evening at our crew chat that as Mr. Y was talking about his life and his children, he had this internal battle going on as to whether or not he was going to share with Mr. Y. He did. And he got an iffy answer, so our crew continues to pray for Mr. Y. But how many 21 year old guys do you know that would do that? And he had asked his buddies from his own church to pray for him, that God would not only give him another opportunity to share with Mr. Y, but the courage to do so as well. I think that is totally awesome. Mr. Y may never respond to the Gospel, but Noah was obedient and planted the seed. I wish there were more men in our world willing to do that. Willing to succumb to the conviction of God and be obedient. And to be repentent when they're not.
You also should've seen Noah with the boys on our crew. Especially Matthew. It was so obvious how Matthew looked up to Noah and what better role model for a boy to have. Noah always made time for him and sought him out. At the beginning of the week, Noah told the kids he wanted to be a youth pastor and asked them to let him know what they thought at the end of the week. During our crew chat, one young girl, Jessica, said "And to answer the question you asked the beginning of the week, yes, you should be a youth pastor." I think Noah was truly moved that she remembered his request and the answer was a hearty YES!
I don't know how or when Noah and I began to hit it off, probably when he mentioned he was going to China over Christmas break! But the entire week consisted of sarcasm, wit and fun. Noah also wouldn't open the doors of my van. He had difficulty one time and come the next morning saying he'd prayed about it and I would have to open them for him. He definatley made the week more fun!
I was just so impressed by Noah and so happy that he added me as his friend on Facebook so I can hear all about his trip to China! I'm excited about what God has in store for him in the future. I hope he finds a wife by the time he's 25 so he can be married at least 5 years when he's 30 and adopt a child from China! Adoption is my passion right now and I'm working on Noah, the Fed Ex guy at work, a frame rep and a couple of others. I will be praying for God to put this dream in their hearts as strongly as he has mine.
I just wanted to share about this amazing young man of God and inspire all mom's to desire their sons be sold out for Christ as well. Our world would be so much different if that were the case.
Eternally His... JMS

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