Friday, August 8, 2008

2008 Olympics

Congratulations to the people of China for the honor of hosting the olympics.
Is there any special significance to the date 08/08/08? There is for those in China for the Summer Olympics that begin today! Think of those five rings of the Olympic symbol and overlay them with a thought of those six rings formed by three number 8s in a row.
The numeral 8 looks like the sign for infinity, but held vertical. This means that today¢s date could be spoken aloud as "Oh, Infinity!; Oh, Infinity!; Oh, Infinity!" Let today be a day of praise for infinity. In so doing, it becomes a praising of the only thing that truly is infinite, namely God; but because God is in you, it also become a good day for praising the one/third of you that is as equally infinite as God because it IS God.
Your infinite self is soul. Soul is an extension of God from the spiritual realm into the physical realm. Soul is the real you. The other two/thirds of what are known by others to compose you, namely body and ego, are merely temporary tools that you use in order to get physical for a century or so. Be glad for those two tools, for without them you could not affect a thing on the physical side, but also stay keenly aware that the actual you is a visitor from the spiritual side. Like an athlete going to China to win gold medals, the soul of you came to Earth to be a winner. It matters little if you take bronze or silver instead of gold this time, for there will be another Olympiad, and you being infinite, you can come to the games again.
Eternally His... JMS

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