Friday, August 29, 2008

Here is what's been keeping us so busy and keeping me away from my blog! We've added an 8X24 porch to the front of our house. I wish I had a photo to share of the before, but it was simply a 6X6 little porch, with no cover. We've concentrated on the back side of the house and decided it was time to jazz up the front! This is Jory watching the roofers! Talk about entertainment! He didn't move!
This is just a progress shot. Jack did the old fashioned tongue and groove on the floor and I think he was SO glad to be done with it! It truly looks like an old porch though, just like I want!
This is it pretty much done... We are still waiting on the fish scale to put in the gable. Next spring I want to have some window boxes made and my flowers in the front beds will be a little bigger, so I'm anxious for that! It's always something, isnt' it?
This is where I now spend much of my time! I have an old metal glider being made into a swing and powder coated red, it will hang at the end where the little bench is now. I hope it's done in time for my birthday next week! I'm pretty sure that's what the hold up is!
If you're ever in town, stop by for some iced tea and great conversation!

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