Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to School

Well, it's offically back to school for the JCrew! Here's a picture of each little 'punk' the first day!

This is Jadeth's Senior Year! He is the FCCLA president, plays soccer (actually now he coaches soccer because they don't have a team for his age), varsity tennis, works at Hy-Vee as a checker and customer service counter. Jadeth is smart, well behaved when not at home :-) and really makes me proud. I don't have to worry about who he's with or what he's up to because he has such a level head on his shoulders. He's really nervous about what's beyond graduation. His career choice changes weekly, but it usually involves sports or elementary education! After snapping this picture, Jadeth said "This is my last, first day of High School". Ahhhhhh!!!! Jacen is my skater dude. He could live at the skate park! Since falling in our garage and breaking his front teeth off, I'm a nervous wreck! I have some really cool video of Jacen, he's such a daredevil on that skateboard! He began 6th grade this year. He is so darn good hearted, I just love him! Jacen plays baseball and wants to play tennis when he's old enough. He used to race go-carts, but we had to travel so far away and it got a little exepensive. We told him if he sold his go-cart, he could buy a new skate board - he was thrilled! It's a little sad not to watch him race anymore, but as soon as he's 16 he wants to race 4 cylinders at the Speedway with Jack. So I'm sure we've not seen the last of his racing days!
Jory began Kindergarten this year! He is so adorable! He is also so very smart! He tested in the 96th percentile at his Kindergarten screening. He can write everone's name in our family and already knows so much! He will do so well in school, if he doesn't get bored! We are so blessed to have this young boy. Oh excuse me... he's a grown up now that he's in school (his words) and he no longer will give mom kisses. :-(

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