Saturday, August 2, 2008

Group180 are World Changers

World Changers 2008
Okay, I'm so ashamed of my previous post about not wanting to go to Hannibal. It was the truth at the time, but I'm SO thrilled I chose to serve God and the people of Hannibal. I can probably post everyday for the next month about all the amazing experiences I had and the people I met.
It was so awesome to get away for a week and focus on other things. All the kids that went with me were simply amazing. Each night we had devotions with just our group after worship. The first or second night they all expressed their dissapointment in the kids that said all along they were coming and backed out at the last minute. I told them that they were not there by accident and that God has something awesome in store for them. I feel so sad and afraid for the kids that didn't end up coming, because for some reason, they were not part of God's providential plan for that week. It scares me to wonder why. But I'm so thankful for the one's who were there. I really believe they all come back walking closer to God. I can see definate changes in 3 of the 5 that went with me.
God, thanks for showing up and rocking our week! You're awesome and I can never thank You or praise You enough.
I'm eternally Yours... JMS

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